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Manfred Mann's Earth Band

1970s and on - Manfred Mann's Earth Band Manfred Mann went on to write advertising jingles after the first group's demise, but also continued to work in the group format. Initially he formed Manfred Mann Chapter Three, an experimental group who evolved into Manfred Mann's Earth Band. The Earth Band was, from a pop perspective, almost deliberately contrary, but combined the stylistic approach of progressive rock with Mann's keen ear for melody.

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A State of Flux

A State of Flux is a band determined to push the boundaries of modern alternative rock. Their musical style is original, intense, progressive & brooding, falling somewhere in the vast musical landscape between bands such as Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush & Tool. A State of Flux was born in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia when vocalist Roni Shewan put her vocal ideas onto a series of songs written by producer Red Black.

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Mr Black

Solo Grungegaze cum Dark Psychedelicore cum Doom Folk cum Symphonic Noisewave cum Space Pop cum Gothic Soul cum Crust Pop cum Math Funk cum Acid Metal cum Sludgetherealindustrial cum Powerpopviolence cum Southern Postcore project of Mr Black conceived around 2001 as a solo project of Mr Black but not started until sometime in the 90's. Mr Black split up in 2010 following the death of Mr Black leaving behind a wide and well-received catalogue of absolutely no albums whatsoever.

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The Flower Kings

Swedish band. Formed in 1993 by veteran guitarist Roine Stolt as a touring band to support his solo album The Flower King, the band stayed together after the tour and has gone on to become one of the most prolific studio recording units in rock music of their era. In ten years it has released nearly 18 hours of music. The Flower Kings have seen frequent personnel changes. The original line-up for Stolt's solo album consisted of Stolt (vocals, electric guitar, bass, keyboards), Jamie Salazar (drums), and Hasse Fr

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A Dead Forest Index

Melbourne based brothers, Sam and Adam Sherry make music that can fill the room beyond their small two-piece set up on stage. Their sound is dark, haunting, built up of layers of steady percussion, voice and silence. Very unassuming, Adam is captivating using vocal loops and sparse guitar chords while Sam completes their sound with perfectly disciplined beats and harmonies. Powerful and original, a live show with A Dead Forest Index will make your spine tingle and give you a feeling like crying and smiling at the same time.

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Pineapple Thief

The Pineapple Thief, a progressive indie rock band from Somerset, United Kingdom, began as the musical vision of Bruce Soord. Soord started the band as an outlet for his music back in 1999. Bruce released the debut Abducting The Unicorn on Cyclops records - this created enough interest to convince Bruce that perhaps The Pineapple Thief was here to stay, quickly establishing a small but fanatical fan base. Bolstered by critical plaudits and support from fans, Bruce returned to the Dining Room studios to work on the second, and to many, the breakthrough Pineapple Thief album 137.

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R51 are a five piece conceptual, off the wall pop band, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who began making music in the early 2000's.
Over the years they have released varying EP's, genre hopping until the release of 2010's Orchestrina, which displayed an Art-rock vibe that is seen to continue based on fan's opinion of live shows in early 2010.

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