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Nick Mason

Nicholas Berkeley ('Nick') Mason (born January 27, 1944 in Birmingham, England) is a musician and the drummer for Pink Floyd.. He also competed in auto racing, e.g. the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He was brought up in Hampstead, London (many online biographies mistakenly cite the street address, Downshire Hill - sometimes as "the Downshire Hills" - as a district of Birmingham) and attended Frensham Heights boarding school, Surrey.

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Fight Like Apes

What happens when four highly motivated couch potatoes trawl through the b-movie underworld in search of the purest of gold?... They Fight Like Apes! Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and weighing in at over six hundred pounds, Fight Like Apes combine the Synth with the Sword in this heroic tale of anger, jealousy, greed and ...goblins. With an emphasis on loutish vocals, brutish bass and digital distortion, Fight Like Apes are highly trained, armed and considered extremely dangerous.

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When Prophecy Fails

When Prophecy Fails are a 4 piece island based band. We strive to create music which is powerful and thought provoking, priding ourselves on having both a versatile mindset and strong determination for a high standard of songwriting. This results in a high-energy live performance which is sharp and well rehearsed. Their music spans a number of genres. They thrive in the knowledge that they're free to create anything they want without fear of stigmatism or trend.

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Formed in Belfast in October 2010, Eatenbybears have had a busy year of writing, rehearsing,recording and gigging constantly ending their summer with festival slots at Tenant's Vital, playing support to Eminem and then opening the Crawdaddy Stage at Electric Picnic, where they were lucky enough to share the bill with acts such as Arcade Fire. Following early releases of singles "Vanderhoof" and "Spite Houses" which were given the thumbs up by BBC Radio1's Rory McConnell, as well as bands such as 'And So I Watch You From Afar" and Glasvegas"...

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A State of Flux

A State of Flux is a band determined to push the boundaries of modern alternative rock. Their musical style is original, intense, progressive & brooding, falling somewhere in the vast musical landscape between bands such as Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush & Tool. A State of Flux was born in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia when vocalist Roni Shewan put her vocal ideas onto a series of songs written by producer Red Black.

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Sex Gang Children

Sex Gang Children is an early group that formed in the early 1980s in Britain. They were a very dramatic band, relying on heavy bass, tribal drumming, sudden mood shifts, a woozy cabaret ready sound that influenced the rise of the later scene, and yet another in a long line of goth singers with an odd, highly dramatic voice. Although the group only released one official album, their singles and various other tracks have been packaged into numerous collections, and they remain one of the better known bands out of the early scene.

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Rosa Crux

A martial and apocalyptic atmosphere! The band brings us directly to the heart of things. Obsessional, never brutal, Rosa Crvx explore the questions of life and death, of the anguishes and the human's fears. They face the darkness; at the edge of the abyss, their steps progress on an unknown way which exists in the dark and opens to the light when we understand that the only solution is in the acceptance of mysteries. Rosa Crvx reached us down in the depths of the soul...

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There are at least two bands by the name of Attica 01. The ATTICA project started in September 2002 in Brussels, Belgium. It’s about music that is both spontaneous and solid, free spirited whilst still being conscious of its acts. ATTICA' s intention is to offer the audience an intuitive experience that evolves between the romantic and the soft, the angry and the heavy, the weird and the wonderful. It pulls people into evocative or troubling soundscapes with melodies that remind you that Attica is a rock band, to dance to, to sing along with, to relate to.

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