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When Prophecy Fails

When Prophecy Fails are a 4 piece island based band. We strive to create music which is powerful and thought provoking, priding ourselves on having both a versatile mindset and strong determination for a high standard of songwriting. This results in a high-energy live performance which is sharp and well rehearsed. Their music spans a number of genres. They thrive in the knowledge that they're free to create anything they want without fear of stigmatism or trend.

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band from brighton, uk: helen on vocals & box.
leigh anne on drums & vocals.
stephanie on keyboards & vocals.
russell on bass.
bob on guitar & vocals. a good song is "hopelessly wasted".

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Tom Jeeves (Bass / Keys / Vocals) Jake Shemmell (Guitar / Vocals) Sam Gowans (Drums / Samples) Kasakets formed in March 2009 with the aim to make sounds which excite our ears and challenge us throughout. With the motivation and inspiration from our musical peers, we adhere to fundamentals of dynamics, originality, integrity and persistence in creating sounds, albeit a little sluggish. The long-time ménage à trois and our love for music defines our longevity.

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Comets On Fire

Comets on Fire are a band from Santa Cruz, California. The band was formed in 1999 by guitarist and vocalist Ethan Miller and longtime friend bassist Ben Flashman, who were seeking to create rhythmically and sonically intense music that paid no attention to categorizations. The band's self-titled debut was released in 2001 and eventually issued on the Alternative Tentacles label. Recorded on a four-track, it was a garage/psych freakout of intense if not epic proportions.

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Subtle is a music group consisting of artists, producers, rappers, instrumentalists Adam 'Doseone' Drucker, Jeff 'Jel' Logan, Dax Pierson, Marty Dowers, Jordan Dalrymple and Alexander Kort. Although both Adam and Jeff are founding and continuing members of the Anticon music collective, Subtle is not on the Anticon roster. Subtle started as an Oakland, California based band in 2001. While considered by the artists to be "genreless", Subtle has close ties to the and music scene. Alexander Kort has released CDs on anticon's official web store run by astropitch.

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ANCIENT HISTORY: Three years have passed since “Black Oni” (Ipecac Records). Four years since “Five Suns”(Cuneiform Records). The new album by Guapo is finally here and thus concludes the recondite triptych they set out to accomplish. Flux is not uncommon here, every record taking on new musical hues and offering disparate ideas and perspectives. However an upheaval in the line-up, which of recent years has been anchored by the trio of Daniel O’Sullivan, Matthew Thompson and David Smith, triggered a change in course when Thompson left the band just prior to the release of Black Oni in 2005.

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Jim'll's Brain

Born in 2458BC and frozen in Dr. Frankenstein's lab until rats chewed through the mains plug, Jim'll has found his way to London via a mix up at FedEx. He now performs a one man show that includes songs about mental illness, Damon Albarn and stalking, and this year will be releasing the all new album, "Brain Damage". Critics have acclaimed with comments such as "Best Titles Since Snakes On A Plane", and "This Is Your Life On Drugs". You can watch the YouTube channel here :

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