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January 12, 2010
SAGATMANCHU … formerly known as Sagat
Profile: Baltimore Based Rapper and Poet
Label: Imperial Underground Sound Signals
In the Beginning of the Hip Hop Explosion at age 13 (1983); writing rhymes and free styling became Sagatmanchu’s best aspiration as a vocalist. While experimenting with different artist names including Chico Slamm, Sagat, Blacksam and Blackstar Oneson, Sagatmanchu developed a wide array of M.C. styles including Word Play, Word Bending, Braggadocio, Battle Rapping, Commentating and Simile / Metaphor.

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Blunted Stuntman

English born, he has strove to push the new beats in South Africa, obvious by his recent set at the Oppikoppi Music Festival. Blunted has played there for 13 years and it was a blast of ghetto funk with old African vocal samples flowing through the basslines of the dub side of the current UK Funky hype. Blunted Stuntman's debut mix CD has been released and features a 2CD collection of South African and International Breakbeats. 'Breakin' ZA' features Blunted Stuntman's own productions "Portraits in Sound" and "This Is My Life" and you'll probaby be able to hear them right here!

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Dr. Octagon

Dr. Octagon is one of Kool Keith's many alter egos. His initial release as Dr. Octagon was 1996's Dr. Octagonecologyst, on which he collaborated with Dan the Automator Nakamura and DJ QBert. After the name was dropped in favour of Dr. Dooom, it was widely believed that it wouldn't be used again until the release of 2006's The Return of Dr. Octagon, which Keith maintains was changed and released without his consent.

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The Funkoars are an Australian hip hop act from Adelaide, Australia and formed in 1999. Funkoars were founded on the unique personalities of four individuals. These larger than life musicians were drawn to each other not just from a love of music, but their light hearted and jovial outlook on life. It’s these personalities coupled with their prodigious talent that has brought Funkoars their success. The energetic and humorous nature of their lyrics is not something that can be emulated.

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1. 80's anarcho UK punk band 2. Early 90's Reality from Salt Lake City, Utah was Chris Carlton - guitar, Trent Falcone - vocals, Brad Butterfield - bass, Justin Spencer - drums, & Spencer Jacobs - guitar. They played a style of hardcore similar to later Insight meets Outspoken. 3. Dark Electro/EBM Project from Brazil. Member is Alexandre Lira who is now in Homicide Division. 4.Jonathan Michael McCarter, a.k.a.

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Robin S

Robin S. (born Robin Stone on April 27, 1962) is a singer-songwriter from Queens, New York, United States who scored success in the 1990s with such hit singles as "Show Me Love" (which was her debut single and a #1 Club hit) and "Luv 4 Luv." A house diva whose productions use live instrumentation just as much as electronics, Robin S. debuted with the Top Ten hit "Show Me Love." The Queens, NY native was signed by Big Beat Records in 1993, and debuted with the hot single, which climbed the charts during 1994, and spurred her first album, also titled Show Me Love.

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