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Observe & Control

Observe & Control was created by Tom Cohen (aka Gnuth) in 2002, in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Originally formed under the name of Xanthippe, the project's current name is inspired
by the works of French philosopher Michel Foucault.
The band is, in reality, a one man project, with Tom composing, singing and producing
the songs while the Lyrics are written by Iris Idelson. In "Utopia", O&C have attempted to merge together danceable melodies with thought-provoking concepts.
The album may be viewed as homage to the rise and fall of utopian

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Revolution by Night

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) EBM/synth act Revolution by Night are Steve Weeks (also known as a DJ at London's famous Slimelight Club) and long time musical collaborator Bryon Adamson. Together they form the current writing team of RBN. For live performances they are joined on keyboards by Phil Eaton. RBN are currently working on their full length album, City Lights, with production duties by a scene producer to be confirmed soon. You can currently hear demo versions of new songs at www.myspace.com/revolutionbynight as well as here on lastfm.

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There is more than one known artist who once went under the name Covenant: 1. Covenant is a band from Sweden that has furthered electronic body music ("EBM" - pioneered in the 80s by the likes of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb), futurepop, and synth pop since the early 1990s. 2. Covenant, now known as The Kovenant, was a Norwegian band which has evolved from a melodic symphonic black metal band to industrial metal/harsh industrial on more recent albums. The band changed the name due to a dispute with the Swedish band that shared the same name.

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And One

German synthpop outfit And One formed in Berlin in 1989. DJs/producers Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz first met the previous year in a local dance club, bonding over their mutual affection for early ebm acts like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb and borrowing their subsequent dual synthesizer and beatbox aesthetic from Depeche Mode. Upon signing to the fledgling Machinery label, And One issued their 1990 debut single, "Metal Hammer," a significant club hit that set the stage for their first full-length effort, Anguish, completed with contributions from newly added third member Alex Two.

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There are at least 4 bands with this name: 1) Ravenous is a synthpop band from Germany, formed in 1995. Side projects consist of Funker Vogt in conjunction to Fusspils 11 and also Fictional. 2) Ravenous is a thrash metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. 3) "The Ravenous" is a retro trash-death metal band from San Francisco, USA. It's members are Chris Reifert (also played with Autopsy), Killjoy and Dan Lilker. In 2002, they released their album Assembled in Blasphemy. 4) Ravenous is a RAC band from Australia. They have released an album called Blind Faith.

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Martin L. Gore

Martin Lee Gore (born July 23, 1961 in Dagenham, Essex, England) a member of the band Depeche Mode since its inception in 1980. He is currently the primary songwriter, and also plays keyboard and guitar. He is also the backup singer, and sometimes the lead singer. In 2003, Martin released Counterfeit2, a solo cover album follow-up to his 1989 Counterfeit EP. Both feature his takes on other people's material, and he has stated publicly before that he considers himself not the most prolific songwriter, and prefers to keep his own material for Depeche Mode albums.

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Blaqk Audio

Blaqk Audio is an electronic project from Oakland, United States, created by and consisting of Davey Havok as lyricist and vocalist and Jade Puget writing music and programming synthesizers. Both Jade and Davey are members of the band AFI. Blaqk Audio were signed to Interscope Records, their debut album, CexCells, was released on August 14, 2007. The first single from the album is 'Stiff Kittens', revealed by Jade on the BA myspace blog.

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An American Industrial/Synthpop band from Austin, Texas, 1998-present. Ctrl debuted in 1998 with Secure The Shadow. Over the next 13 years, the band released five more acclaimed albums, and appeared on various compilations. Ctrl released their seventh album, Fragmentary Moments, in 2012. It's comprised of ten songs that allow the unique blend of pop-tinged electro, driving beats and signature guitar to remain the staples of their sound. The band continues to grow with each new incarnation, while carefully tipping a hat to the founders of the style.

Read more about Ctrl on Last.fm.

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