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Revolution by Night

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) EBM/synth act Revolution by Night are Steve Weeks (also known as a DJ at London's famous Slimelight Club) and long time musical collaborator Bryon Adamson. Together they form the current writing team of RBN. For live performances they are joined on keyboards by Phil Eaton. RBN are currently working on their full length album, City Lights, with production duties by a scene producer to be confirmed soon. You can currently hear demo versions of new songs at www.myspace.com/revolutionbynight as well as here on lastfm.

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Solitary Experiments

Solitary Experiments formed in 1994 as a collaboration between Dennis Schober and Michael Thieleman, who had briefly collaborated before as 'Plague'. The following years saw occasional live shows and the release of a couple of demo tapes before the song 'God, Where Are You?' from the 'New Violent Breed' compilation in 1999, which would become a hit in their native Germany as well as Holland and the USA. Their debut album 'Final Approach' was released on Machinery later that year.

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Funker Vogt

When "Funker Vogt" was founded in 1995 by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kästel, nobody could foresee that, within just one year, it would grow into one of the leading -acts of today. Originally, it had been envisaged as just one more of Gerrit Thomas's many musical projects; however, the project took the world by storm and grew to become his main act. The members consist of Gerrit Thomas, Jens Kästel, Björn Böttcher, Frank Schweigert (who replaced Thomas Kroll in 2004), and Kai Schmidt. They all hail from the town of Hameln, Germany.

Read more about Funker Vogt on Last.fm.

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There at least 2 artists under this name:
1. Swedish synth-pop band
2. Japanese singer - go to tag --> ペイジ 1) Page is a Swedish Synth Pop band. Page is often credited with being the first band to bring synthpop music to Sweden. Their music and band members (particularly Eddie Bengtsson) influenced many subsequent Swedish synthpop acts, including Elegant Machinery, S.P.O.C.K, Sista Mannen På Jorden and KieTheVez.

Read more about Page on Last.fm.

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Rabia Sorda

Rabia Sorda is Erk Aicrag's solo project. The lyricist and singer of the Mexican hard elektro duo Hocico, started working on this project in 2003, listening to the internal voices that compelled him to create his own sonic world. To create, he sees himself from a different perspective and he reinvents aspects of himself to bring this new entity to life. "It's the music that comes from my gut..."
official website | http://www.rabiasorda.com/ Discography:
* Save Me From My Curse (MCD | 2006-08-14 | ltd. edition of handnumbered 1.000 copies)

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There are at least 4 bands with this name: 1) Ravenous is a synthpop band from Germany, formed in 1995. Side projects consist of Funker Vogt in conjunction to Fusspils 11 and also Fictional. 2) Ravenous is a thrash metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. 3) "The Ravenous" is a retro trash-death metal band from San Francisco, USA. It's members are Chris Reifert (also played with Autopsy), Killjoy and Dan Lilker. In 2002, they released their album Assembled in Blasphemy. 4) Ravenous is a RAC band from Australia. They have released an album called Blind Faith.

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VNV Nation

VNV Nation is an electronic music group formed in London in 1990, now based in Hamburg, Germany, that combines elements of trance, synthpop and electronic body music (EBM) into what they call futurepop. VNV Nation began as a one man project from Ronan Harris. In 1995 Mark Jackson joined the band permanently as a live drummer. VNV Nation's inspiration was originally the clash of the modern and classical European cultures, where mythology and technology live in an uneasy fusion, but this has since broadened to encompass a world view.

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In 2000 O.V.N.I was formed when the members of the Alfa-Matrix break beat band, Seize, decided to swap roles and do something a little darker, this time with Steven taking the lead vocals and Sandrine and Rosie on bass and keyboards respectively. O.V.N.I started out with the name Spermwhale, but decided to change it when hunting for a label.

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There are three acts with the name Cleaner: 1. Screamo band from Tokyo Japan, released on oto records. Notably releasing a split with French screamo band Gantz. 2. Cleaner is also the name of a rock band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1996, Cleaner was a band that meshed the current hard edged industrial/alternative sound with a warmer, melodic sound. Cleaner was Michael Renninger on Bass, Eric Ediger on Lead Guitar, Ian Brumbaugh on Drums, Kevin Shaw on Rhythm Guitar, and Sarah Meech was Lead Vocals. They disbanded in 2001.

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