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There are several bands called Amethyst. 1. A trance / progressive house duo. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Amethyst 2. A Melodic Death / Melodic Black Metal band from the Netherlands. 3. Heavy / Progressive Metal band from Australia. 4. A Thrash Metal band from Italy. 5. A Progressive Metal band from Sweden. 6. A Progressive Metal band from the USA. 7. A Power Metal band from Canada. 8. A Power / Thrash Metal band from the USA. 9. A defunct Pop Rock band from Youngstown, OH, USA.

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The artist "JDS" is the duo Julian Napolitano & Darren Pearce.
This longstanding production duo first started releasing on the Crosstrax label, scoring a hit with the classic "Nine Ways" in 1997. Their earlier releases were predominantly harder House/Trance, but often with a Breakbeat element. The duo have since steadied in the Breaks arena. Aliases: Cupid Stunt

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Ed Rush & Optical

Both Ed Rush and Optical are the co-heads of a drum and bass record label called Virus Recordings, based in London, UK. Both have earned acclaim separately, with Optical engineering tracks on Goldie and Grooverider's albums and releasing some excellent solo tunes on the likes of Prototype, 31, and Metro. Ed Rush also has countless releases, notably on No U-Turn, where he and Nico first emphasized the dark era of drum and bass with the masterpiece album Torque, and Metalheadz, where he produced such classics as "The Raven" and "Locust".

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Tim Wright exhibited musical aspirations at the tender age of 3, singing self-penned songs into a portable cassette recorder. Through the '70s and early '80s, he underwent formal piano training and wrote songs for a handful of short-lived pop/electro bands. The late '80s saw Wright’s career really gain pace, as he penned memorable and often award-winning compositions for over 50 computer and video games, beginning with freelance work on Commodore Amiga titles. He then went on to work full-time at Psygnosis Ltd. (Now SCEE) on projects such as Lemmings, Wipeout, Wipeout 2097 and Colony Wars.

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