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Brain Drain is young punk/rock band from Czech Republic was started in September 2006. There is also an acoustic rock band from Germany named Brain Drain, founded in January 2005
and a bunch of bastards from Bratislava, Slovakia, playing grunge/metal shit, formed February 2007. The Brain Drain moniker is also used by an Australian one-man semi-improvised guitar based project.

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John Williamson

John Robert Williamson Order of Australia (born 1 November 1945 in Quambatook, Victoria (Australia) is an Australian country music singer-songwriter. He is well-known for playing in Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) clubs at various venues around Australia. Williamson has released over thirty-two albums, ten Music videos, five DVDs, and two lyric books. He has received more than twenty-three Golden Guitar Awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia and has won two ARIA Music Awards (A.

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There are multiple artists which use the name Voyager: 1. A progressive metal band from Australia
2. An ambient sludge metal band from the United States
3. A pop group from the United Kingdom
4. A drum and bass project
5. A rock band from the United States
6. An electronic project of Justin Scott Dixon
7. An electronic project of Tom Moore 1. VOYAGER is an Australian melodic progressive metal band.

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Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly are a hardcore band out of Wollongong, Australia. Mary Jane Kelly have released two E.P's to this date, the first one released was Marionettes in 2007 (this was considered a demo by the band themselves), and Our Streets Turn White was released on the 11th of October 2008 through Trial and Error records. "Like There's No Tomorrow", 2010, is their latest release, an 11 track record also released through Trial and Error records.
Members (2009):
Justin B - vocals

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Mind Over Matter

Six artists exist with this name.

1) Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter blends various electronic styles (such as Trance, Ambient, Dubstep, etc...) to create a unique style all in it's own. Hailing from the "Dirty South" San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Mind Over Matter consists of composer Corey Stanley, along with production help from Matthew Coyne, to bring a soothing, relaxing, yet get up and dance kind of music to the listeners.

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