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Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan

"Especially for You" was the fifth international single released from singer Kylie Minogue in time for the Christmas 1988 market and is a duet with Jason Donovan. It did not appear on her debut album but was included on Jason Donovan's 1989 debut album Ten Good Reasons. The single was released on November 28, 1988 and was written by Stock Aitken Waterman. Its strongest market was the UK, where its release followed the on-screen wedding of the two actors' respective characters of Charlene and Scott in Australian soap Neighbours which brought peak audiences.

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Joe McKee

The Darling Ranges lie about 35 km's south of Perth, Western Australia. The drive is mostly highway, fairly droll until you start actually ascending the hills themselves, at which point great dips and troughs reveal themselves and the whole region takes on a strange arid quality. The area was on fire for about 4 days in early 2011. Joe Mckee grew up in these hills and, after 4 years under the spell of Lon...don, he returned to them. Burning Boy is his debut album.

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The Missing Links

The Missing Links were an Australian R&B group from the mid-1960s who were renowned for their (for the time) outrageously long hair and especially for their adventurous musical style, which influenced many later Australian groups, including The Saints. The second incarnation of The Missing Links is also notable for launching the careers of New Zealand-born singer-actor Andy Anderson and guitarist and songwriter Doug Ford, who later became the lead guitarist in The Masters Apprentices.

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There are 2 bands called ZOOEY: Zooey is Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet, an electronic pop duo based in Bordeaux, France. ZOOEY is a 5-piece Indie/pop band from Brisbane, Australia. Currently the band consists of Nic Brassil, Mark Day , Mike Day , Daniel Hatch and Kristen Bushnell. After releasing a music video for their song, Dinos, they are about to release their new single Genevieve.

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Sean Quinn

With a career spanning well over a decade, Sean Quinn can lay claim to being one of Australia's hardest working and more diverse Dj's. Always holding down a minimum of four and as many as seven weekly residencies has meant that being versatile and reliable go hand in hand. Starting Dj'ing at age nineteen, Sean has witnessed and been a part of the meteoric rise of dance music, firstly in his hometown of Melbourne and later in his career, all over the world.

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To the North

We are a band from Brisbane, Australia. We have been inspired by lots and lots of different bands along the way and continue to be inspired by new bands and the ones that have been long forgotten. Please download all of our stuff: Members are currently playing in
Quiet Steps, Epithets, Little Shadow, Make More and Still Rain Fell

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Kasey Chambers

Kasey Chambers, born June 4, 1976 in Mount Gambier, Australia is Australia's most popular country music performer with three successive albums reaching #1 on the Australian album charts in 2002, 2004 and 2006, each achieving multi-platinum sales. Kasey's signature tune "Not Pretty Enough" hit #1 on the ARIA singles charts in 2002, where it remained at the top spot for 4 weeks.

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Russell Morris

Russell Morris (born July 1948) is an Australian singer-songwriter, who had many Australian Number 1 singles throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. His most successful song was The Real Thing, written by Johnny Young, and produced by Ian Meldrum. It was the biggest selling Australian Single of 1969, and was released when Morris was 20 years old. The song was released in two halves on a small label in the United States of America and received limited international success as a result, although it did reach #1 in large cities such as Chicago.

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Chris Smith

chris smith is a genuine heartfelt vagabond from the southern places below melbourne town. he gave up his ghost for an electric guitar and has continued to manifest apparitions and spirits into this world through the circuitry of that darn piece of art since exiting the 'Golden Lifestyle Band' back sometime in the forgotten nineties. part uneasy silence/part heart breaking noise chris has found a zone rarely inhabited by the vast mountains of guitarrorists wandering the open plains these days. catch his beautiful webs are melbourne town.

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