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Army of the Universe

Sometime around the winter of 2008, on a dark stormy night in the gray city of Milan, Army of the Universe are born. From the mind and synthesizers of Techno/Trance producer Albert Vorne (aka Trebla) and from the powerful voice of Lord K (Lead singer of Kult of the Skull God). The band today finalised by the distorted, weeping and power-driven guitars of Davil AOU’s takes inspiration from the experiments of the 80's electro-rock, fuelled with the futuristic re-interpratations of rocking 6 strings on top of twisted electronic landscapes and the collisons of sound of the end of the millennia.

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Helter Skelter

There are eight artists with the name Helter Skelter 1. A German Britrock band
2. A stoner/doom metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand.
3. A roots rock band from new york and new jersey: http://www.myspace.com/belaandelvis
4. Polish dark fetish electro band from Poznań.
5. A British pre-punk band.
6. An 1990s underground rave collective.
7. A rock band from Trondheim, Norway.
8. A solo project from Cheshire, United Kingdom.

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There are five bands using this name: 1) A / one man band from Malta. Sauron composes all of the music for Apotheosis. Although the band was formed in autumn of 1993, it wasn't until 2002 that Sauron released a full length, the four track epic Farthest From The Sun. 2) A two piece band from Toledo, Ohio. Their first album, 'Husk', was self-released in 2011 and they are currently (9/12) completing their second release, 'Bane'.

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There are at least 19 different artists named Iris:
1) An American band formed in 1993.
2) A Romanian group formed in 1977.
3) A Chilean band.
4) An instrumental band featuring Marillion members Ian Mosley and Pete Trewavas.
5) A Spanish singer from Barcelona.
6) A music group specialized on Touhou and it's music.
7) An Australian band.
8) A German band.
9) A Portuguese band.
10) A British band from Derby.
11) A Hungarian band.

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There are atleast three bands using the name 'Nachtmahr'. 1) Nachtmahr is the solo project of Thomas Rainer (Better known for his other projects: L'Âme Immortelle and the now defunct Siechtum)...
The debut album, "Kunst Ist Krieg" (Art Is War) is a brutal mix of dirty hard techno and power noise with elements of industrial
myspace: www.myspace.com/nachtmahrprojekt
unofficial russian site: www.nachtmahr.ru

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