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Dolby Anol

Dolby Anol is a production project based in Glasgow, Scotland. It is made up of John Baillie Jnr and Graham Peel who make messed-up electronic music tailored for the dancefloor of a party: house, smashed up disco, pop, techno, you name it.. They've been getting played out by Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, Annie Mac, Kissy Sell Out, Drop the Lime, Meat Katie etc. They've been playing at clubs across the world, from NYC to Moscow and all over Europe plus a spot on the BBC Introducing stages at Glastonbury and Creamfields.

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Jammin J

Jammin J, an original Jungle DJ, fuses his beats with new skool elements. This results in the return of 92-93 style vibes with a modern feel. From ragga jungle to the new J-tek genre, Jammin J has always been ahead of the game. With releases on Nerve Breaks, BPR and 3 Roots Audio which he co-runs and resident DJ for Scotland's Riddim Tuffa Sound, this artist is proving that the Junglist Movement is still going nice and strong. Contact Jammin J:
http://www.myspace.com/jamminuk Jammin J's releases on 3 Roots Audio label:

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For 10 years myoptik has been a radio presenter, dj, music journalist, producer and event promoter based in not-so-sunny Leicester. Live performance is Myoptik's natural home with appearances in all sorts of places, under all sorts of musical guises and monikers at events such as the Sonic Arts Network, Summer Sundae, Monastery Of Sound and Delia Derbyshire's old home. Myoptik is also known for his vibrant Leicester based PVC club nights which pioneered his trademark live Funkatronix sound.

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Yoji Biomehanika

Yoji Biomehanika, can only be described as the Japanese Lord of NRG or Nu-NRG Master, and Japan's No 1. NRG DJ overseas. In the evolution of the electronic music world, Super Star DJs from around the globe have replaced the persona of the rock star for many music fans, and have become the driving force in building the image of our industry.

Having already achieved rock star status in his country of Japan, Yoji smashes all the rules in the book and puts vitality back into the dance scene...

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Mind Electric

aka Kristian Jackson. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Website: www.mindelectricmusic.com
Label: Vicious Recordings, Victoria, Australia http://www.viciousrecordings.com/
Booking Agent: Konkrete Agency & Touring, Victoria, Australia http://www.konkrete.com.au/ RELEASES: - 3AM Eternal
- Sweat
- Rock da House
- Infinity
- Dont Change
- Gotta Keep On
- Electrify
- Dirty Cash REMIXES: - Demark & Manna vs Terri B - Do you Believe
- Stonebridge - Trip'en
- This is Massive - Still Hope For Jackson

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Jo Jo De Freq

JoJo De Freq is the DJ and co-promoter of London's super salacious Nag Nag Nag club. Nag is, as JoJo says, a wear what you want, play what you want kind of place' and it's this attitude that has made it the capital's hottest attracting, in the last two years, globally renowned acts like Dave Clarke, Tiga, Miss Kittin, Hell and a loyal audience of wild revellers that cram it to capacity every Wednesday night.

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Having appeared on the display of the dubstep radar somewhere in 2007, Zomby has firmly established himself during 2008 as one of those, who fucks the D pidgeon holes right up to bonkers. Be it a classic "as good as it gets" formula Spliff (both musically and sample-wise), reworking of old jungle hardware in Where Were U In '92? ("the album sounds like it's made out of, or inside, a handful of crucial 2 Bad Mice tunes" Simon Reynolds ), or the recent Hyperdub EP, he proves that dis style is not a folder, but a compost to be fertilized upon.

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Quadrophonia were a Dutch dance act formed by Olivier Abbeloos (also known as part of T99) and Lucien Foort in the late 1980s, with rap vocals on several of their tracks performed by Marvin D (A.K.A. Ripmaster). They had two top-40 hits in the United Kingdom. "Quadrophonia", which reached #14 in April 1991, followed by "The Wave Of The Future", which charted at #40 in July of the same year, as well as 3 other singles from around this time, "Find the Time (Part 1)", "Schizofrenia - The Worst Day Of My Life" and "The Man With the Masterplan", all three of which weren't particularly successful.

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