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There are at least two artists with the name Sebastopol. 1. An English alternative rock group (active 2011 to present) 2. A Spanish indie band (active 2004 to present).
1. Sebastopol is an English three piece alternative rock band formed in 2011 by Nick Powell (vocals and bass guitar), Phil Richards (guitar) and Tom Standage (drums and percussion). The band

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There are no fewer than eight different artists with this name: 1) Parade's only agenda is to play music they love. Through a highly collaborative process, they create their own version of pop music: melodic and minimal, but classy and modern. They draw from influences as varied as Radiohead, Mark Kozelec, PJ Harvey, Gang of Four, Aphex Twin, and Nick Cave, though it is rare to find them listening to the same recordings at the same time.

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There are at least two bands named "Standard": 1. A Spanish band from Bilbao. Their indie'tronic sound has been delighting the Spanish masses and their first album 3000v-40000w was released in the USA in July 2007 under the artist name We Are Standard as well as some European countries taking them on a tour including some international festivals like F.I.B, Eurosonic and Popkomm. The album was given a new lease of life through The Mpossible Mixes and you can catch the band at the prestigious SXSW Music 2008.

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La Casa Azul

La Casa Azul is a Spanish pop band. Their sound is often described as combining many of the qualities of 1960s American pop bands like the Beach Boys and 1970s European disco-pop acts like ABBA with clean, clear production reminiscent of Shibuya-kei. This distinctive sound is created by producer Guille Milkyway, who also writes the band's songs. La Casa Azul release their records on the indie-pop label Elefant.

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There are several bands with this name: 1) OVNI (as in U.F.O) is a core band from Los Angeles CA (Outer Space) 2) For the 60s Uruguayan band see Ovni 87. 3) OVNI is a progressive rock band from El Salvador. 4) OVNI is a metal band from Maputo, Mozambique. Members:
Vocals: Nemesis
Guitar: Izzy
Guitar: Anatoly
Bass: Lapito
Drums: Nando

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