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Pauline en la Playa

Pauline en la Playa is a Spanish pop band formed in Madrid, Spain, in 1997 by sisters Mar Álvarez and Alicia Álvarez who started it as an alternative music project to Undershakers, their first band. After the dissolution of Undershakers in the year 2000, they were centered solely in Pauline en la Playa. Their music is completely sung in Spanish and has influences of jazz, soul and bossa. In 1997, they won a contest on Kras Radio and in 1999 Subterfuge Records edited their first demo, a 6-track mini-cd titled “Nada como el hogar”.

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There are at least two bands named "Standard": 1. A Spanish band from Bilbao. Their indie'tronic sound has been delighting the Spanish masses and their first album 3000v-40000w was released in the USA in July 2007 under the artist name We Are Standard as well as some European countries taking them on a tour including some international festivals like F.I.B, Eurosonic and Popkomm. The album was given a new lease of life through The Mpossible Mixes and you can catch the band at the prestigious SXSW Music 2008.

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Refree es el alter ego de Raül Fernandez (Ex-Corn Flakes, ex-Sitcom, líder de Élena y periodista musical), uno de los personajes más inquietos de nuestra escena independiente. En 2002 publicó su álbum de debut "Quitamiedos". En Francia fue elegido por la exigente revista Magic! dentro de los 20 mejores discos internacionales del año, y Les Inrockuptibles destacó su espíritu lírico y preciosista. En Norteamérica...

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There are at least four artist that go by this name. 1. Russian indie-disko-punk group from Moscow with singer russian actress Natasha Simakova. 2. Siberia is an ambient rock duo from Louisville, Kentucky that has been active since 1985. Syd Bishop and Mike Seymour rose to prominence as part of the ambient rock revival with their successful albums My Favorite Ape and Khan. Siberia play lo-fi music stressing a simplicity of composition and arrangement, mostly inspired by punk rock, blues rock, folk rock, rap rock, and country music.

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There are no fewer than eight different artists with this name: 1) Parade's only agenda is to play music they love. Through a highly collaborative process, they create their own version of pop music: melodic and minimal, but classy and modern. They draw from influences as varied as Radiohead, Mark Kozelec, PJ Harvey, Gang of Four, Aphex Twin, and Nick Cave, though it is rare to find them listening to the same recordings at the same time.

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Jota is the Artist and DJ name of Jonathan Fisher. Now based in Australia, this Canadian born Psy-Trance Artist has been part of the global
movement for quite some time. After spending several months in Tokyo in 1996 he was introduced to his first Goa-Trance experience...a mind expanding experience that made Jonathans direction clear! Previously a bass player and producer of harder edged rock music, the evolution from guitar based music to electronic was a natural progression. DJing began the following year using the name Fisher, with Deliria Productions.

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Lori Meyers

Lori Meyers is an spanish indie pop band from Loja, Spain, formed in 1998. The members are Antonio López, Julián Méndez, Alejandro Méndez and Alfredo Núñez. First their style was asociated to the noise pop of Los Planetas (Granada is near Loja) but later the 60s revival influences with rich vocal harmonies related them with other granadian band: Los Ángeles. They have produced two EPs, La Caza and Ya Lo Sabes, and three LPs, "Viaje De Estudios", "Hostal Pimodan" and "Cronolánea".

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There are several bands with this name: 1) OVNI (as in U.F.O) is a core band from Los Angeles CA (Outer Space) 2) For the 60s Uruguayan band see Ovni 87. 3) OVNI is a progressive rock band from El Salvador. 4) OVNI is a metal band from Maputo, Mozambique. Members:
Vocals: Nemesis
Guitar: Izzy
Guitar: Anatoly
Bass: Lapito
Drums: Nando

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There are several artists using this name: 1) The Spanish indie pop band (1991 - 1993)
2) The British rock band (1967 - 1973)
3) The disco group signed to New York Salsoul Records (1970's-1980's)
4) The Brazilian hardcore band (1990's) 1) Family was a Spanish indie band active 1991-1993 formed by Javier Aramburu and Iñaki Gametxogoikoetxea. They released just one album in 1993 titled Un soplo en el corazón," a tribute to the film by Louis Malle.

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