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Arcturus is an band from Oslo, Norway featuring many prominent members of the Norwegian black metal scene from bands such as Ulver, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Borknagar, The Kovenant, Emperor, and Winds. Arcturus have experimented throughout their career, extracting influences and incorporating elements from all over the musical spectrum including black metal and classical music, but the core of their sound has always been metal.

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1) The band is based in Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg, Sweden. It was formerly known as Northern Shadow, but the name was changed to Nightshade in January 1996. After some serious line-up changes (in fact, the only remaining member is vocalist Daniel Kvist), the first official demo, ‘The Benighted’, was recorded in ART Studio June 1997. A couple of bassplayers later the preparation of the second demo resulted in recruiting a keyboard player.

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In late 2004, Tobias Weinreich (Bass), Sebastian Scherrer (Keyboards), Marco Schomas (Vocals) and Simon Schillinger (Guitar) founded Finsterforst. They were still seeking more members however, so instead concentrated purely on songwriting. As a result, they created many songs without being able to perform them until later on. In spring 2005 the band decided to introduce an accordion player (Johannes Joseph) into the mix, a choice which has helped to shape their unique sound.

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There are at least 4 bands named Arrival: 1) Russian electro-pop Band. 2) Finnish melodic black metal band. Sin. K - Vocals
Inzomniac - Guitars
Isv. Kran - Drums
Sn TwentynineA - Keyboard
Icrs2K - Guitars, Bass An Abstract Of Inertia (Full-length album) Edgerunner Records (2002)
Son of Stormbringer (7") (2001)
Icon of Worthless (Promo) (1999) 3) A seven-member group from Liverpool, England formed in the late '60s.

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Cryptic Forest

1. Cryptic Forest is a black metal band from Germany, featuring a few members of Finsterforst. Their debut album "Ystyr" was released in 2013. 2. Cryptic Forest was founded by Mordreth (René Mailaender) as a Black/Viking/Folk Metalband on 28-09-2007. Just one day later, bassist and vocalist Thursal joined the band.

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There are at least 2 bands with the name Forlorn. 1.) Through the band 122-Stab Wounds, Alvarin & C. Worhn hooked up to form the fundament of Forlorn. At this point, Forlorn was still a mere project in the developmental stages. While working on their debut EP.

Forlorn signed a deal with Head Not Found to release 2 CD's. Soon thereafter, Forlorn were joined by S. Aske on vocals and the first EP was completed. The work for "THE CRYSTAL PALACE", their full-length debut, began early after the recording of the EP; and was to be the final release on Head Not Found and with vocalist S. Aske.

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Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band founded in Oslo, Norway in 1990. Satyr has said “the music is rock based but more extreme; it is black metal pushing the boundaries that began with bands like Venom and Bathory, reinventing ourselves based on a foundation of rock oriented black metal is our philosophy.” Satyricon credit their 1993 first album, Dark Medieval Times, with starting a sub-genre of black metal termed medieval metal. The album displayed their fascination with the Middle Ages, blending extreme metal with acoustic guitar and flute.

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