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There are 2 metal bands with this name: A greek (Progressive Death Metal) and a portuguese (Thrascore/Melodeath Metal) one. 1) Greek one:
They were formed in 2004 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The line-up consists of G. Chionidis (drums), N. Parastatidis (guitars), P. Bouklis (guitars), T. Deligiannidis (vocals) and A. Roditis (bass). They have released a demo in 2006 entitled This Suffering. Zero Tolerance (UK) magazine awarded them the Demo of the Issue (September/October 2006) and Metal Hammer (GR) magazine awarded them the Demo of the Month (July 2007).

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Fueled By Fire

Years: 2002-now
Style: Thrash metal Fueled By Fire is a Los Angeles thrash metal band. They are influenced extremely by thrash metal bands of the 1980s. Coming from the early albums and 1980s albums of bands like Exodus, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and even Death Angel. They are also influenced by bands like Metal Church, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They are known for their appearance of tight blue or black jeans, black leather jackets, denim vests, black t-shirts of metal bands and really long hair.

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Heavy/thrash metal band from Poland. Formed in 2002. At the beginning their music was inspired by classic heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, Annihilator, Black Sabbath etc.
They recorded two demos and one single until early 2007. Then they changed their lead singer from Paweł Kluczewski to Klaudia Kozień. On January 12th, 2008 they release their firt full-length record Forward, which contains some former demo tunes but also brand new songs.
Born To Krush - Demo 2003
Keep On Krushin' - Demo 2004

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There are atleast 3 artists with this name;
(1) Formed in 1985 in Preston, Lancashire, British thrashers Xentrix (pronounced Zen-tricks) began their careers by playing metal covers before focusing all of their efforts on coming up with original material. Initially known as Sweet Vengeance, guitarist/vocalist Chris Astley, guitarist Kristian Havard, drummer Dennis Gasser and bassist Paul Mackenzie created enough of a stir through their live performances that the English branch of Roadrunner Records took notice and signed the group in January 1989.

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Berri Txarrak

Berri Txarrak was formed in 1994. Coming from the Basque Country, they have released 6 records, with a constant evolution that mixes alternative rock, energy, punk, hardcore, metal and some amazing melodies. Singing in euskera (basque language), Berri Txarrak has become one of the best rock bands within the Spanish State's panorama. Their last two albums, called "Libre©" and "Jaio. Musika. Hil" were praised as best 'Spanish' (here meaning produced in Spain...

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Newsted is an American metal band founded by Jason Newsted (Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod, Ozzy Osbourne, ...). They released their first EP, Metal, in January 2013. Band members: Jason Newsted Vocals (lead), Bass
Jesus Mendez Jr. Drums
Jessie Farnsworth Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Mike Mushok (Staind) Guitars (live)

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Slaughter Denial

Four italian boys inspired by somes American bands (Metallica, Slayer, Sodom, Megadeth), a little better by the (Chimaira, Lamb of God, Pantera) and music (Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Emperor) decided to create a group that has as its aim to create original music, fun and technical at the same time. The lineup for the first time included Simone Tempesta on drums, Fabrizio Losapio on vocals, Roberto Castorrini on guitar and vocals and Alessandro Trotto on guitars.

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Master is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Paul Speckmann. They were well known in the early extreme metal underground, being both one of the first death metal bands, and one of the most influential alongside Death in the emerging death metal scene. The band began in 1983, and still exists today, having released several albums with many different lineups. Paul Speckmann started out as bass player in doom band War Cry, where he met up with drummer Bill Schmidt who was drafted in to replace previous War Cry drummer, Joe Laccino.

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