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Howlin' Circus

“Conjuring images of cattle ranching in the Summer, Howlin’ Circus combine raucous guitars with melodic vocals, tales of trepidation and unexpected harmonies. Shedding leaves on London’s Autumnal high it wasn’t until the Winter that the band formed, after co-writers Jamie Harper and Jafar Hassan brought forth their love for blues, rock ‘n’ roll and poetry. It is in this era of instant gratification that the band, completed soon after by the bass and drums of Charles Sanders and Ramy Kozman...

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Chris is a self taught musician. He learned to play guitar and piano with one purpose in mind. His total passion is writing songs, followed closely by a love of playing live. Based in London he has been the main singer and song writer of two British bands. Chris’s music has a literate quality within its sub text and has recently been compared to auteur’s such as Harry Nilsson and Jim Webb.

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The Medics

There are two artists with this name:
1. A Dutch indie rock band
2. An Australian rock band 1. The Medics are an indie band which formed in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2008. Along the way, The Medics have been labeled as 'Morrissey on speed', but gain also heavy influences from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and The Killers. Early 2009 The Medics released a three song EP. In October 2010 The Medics released the first single called City. Their debut album Dance Into The Dark with the same titled single Dance into the dark has been be released at the end of august 2011.

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Rock n Roll and Blues and Punk had a dirty orgy. Out of that, a kid called HEDONIACS was born... unsure who his parents are, but not really bothered... he just wants to have fun and maybe understand a bit of this nutty world along the way. "We wanna be the best, we don't compromise, we have fun, we don't bullshit and we don't give a fuck." - HEDONIACS "The songs are about my people. Our lives, our thoughts and our stories. Normal people who do abnormal things." - Lewie

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The Sheepdogs

This band won the contest to be the first unsigned artist to be featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. From the prairie city of Saskatoon, Canada come the Sheepdogs, 4 young gentlemen who revel in the joy of rock n roll so wholeheartedly, it's downright contagious. Sporting the long-haired looks of their musical forefathers, the lads make the most of their 2 guitars, bass and drums combo.

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Poet meets Drummer Boy meets Guitar Hero meets Piano Man makes rock band. That is the short account of Van Susans. For the unabridged version of this story, search any good bookstore for ‘The Melodic Life of Van Susans’. The biography which is priced at the ridiculously handsome sum of 9.99 begins life in a suburban back alley garage come makeshift studio 7 years prior to Van Susans. This whimsically recollected page turner tells of Drummer Boy and Poets roots, their artisanal siblings and eventual ascent to the canopy of the magic faraway tree.

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Denny Lloyd

Denny Lloyd is a British Singer/Songwriter born and based in the royal borough of Windsor in the U.K. In 2001 Denny quit his day job of working in a warehouse and went self-employed as a musician, gigging pubs and teaching guitar in his local area. After recording a number of demos at his local studio. Denny decided to finally record and release an album 'Running On The Spot.'
Produced by Neil Thom the album was well received and the track 'Concerned' won a BBC talent contest in 2004, whilst a second track 'Breathe' was a runner up in VH1'S Song Of The Year' 2005.

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The Leisure Society

The story of The Leisure Society began in Burton-Upon-Trent when Nick Hemming picked up a guitar and formed a band with Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine and Rich Eaton. Following a year of demos and increasingly bizarre gigs, Shane and Paddy were drawn towards careers in film, leaving Nick to pursue a life of making music. After serving time with Burton's best known exports The Telescopes (latterly Unisex), Nick contributed scores to some of Shane's movies, including A Room For Romeo Brass and Dead Man's Shoes, under a new moniker The Leisure Society.

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