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Laurent Véronnez aka (DJ) Airwave lived in Brussels until he was 20 years young, experimenting with computers and synthesizers at his home. After sending his first demo to Lightning Records - the original home of the infamous Bonzai label -, he became one of the main artists of the new age in electronic music. After the first small successes with PLG, North Pole, Montera and Magnetix, he had his first breakthrough with the first release of Fire & Ice, produced together with DJ Fire. He decided to move to Antwerp so he could concentrate more on his productional work.

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There are two artists going by the name Heatbeat: 1). An Argentine duo. Heatbeat Music is formed by 2 young Argentine DJs and producers, Matias Faint (23 years old) and Agustin Servente (21 years old). This duo was created in the middle of 2006. As children, Matias and Agustin were influenced by artists like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, BT, Judge Jules, Paul van Dyk and more. Their productions range from progressive trance, electro trance, tech-trance, uplifting trance, Nu trance (or also known like Minimal trance).

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Primer is an alias of Dutch trance DJ's and Producers Danjo Raijer & Robbert Vroegindeweij (better known as Danjo & Styles). They released a number of singles under this name between 2003 and 2005, including the successful "Morgana", "The Silver Lining" and "Everlast". Primer is also the name of a young Dutch rockband.
‘Freak’ Out Now!
Primer presents to you their debut album ‘ Freak’ . Killer guitarriffs, pounding grooves and melodic basslines are combined to make you experience the sound of their excellent powerrock songs.

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James Dymond

Technically gifted, James has grown up on background of being classically trained in the Piano, excelling seamlessly at a young age and effortlessly presenting his pedigree of musical talent in various public performances. Picking up music production by late 2010, James had switched from acoustic to electronic music and found his first release in April 2011. The next couple of months several tracks were snapped up and released by various labels, with his highly supported benchmark track, ‘System Situation’ on Mondo Records – generating a platform from which to excel.

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