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R de Rumba

Rubén Cuevas García, a.k.a. R de rumba or Rumba Rubén, is the DJ and producer of the Zaragoza-based hip hop group Violadores del Verso Early in his career he was the DJ and producer of Bufank, with 2 mc's: Hate and Juez. His solo career started at the end of 2003, when he released "Reunión - Sistema R.A.P.". It included 2 tracks, the first with his old group, Bufank, and the other one with Xhelazz, member of Cloaka Company. Halfthrough 2004 he released his second EP, titled "1er contacto - Ley natura mantiene". Again with 2 tracks, but this time featuring Rapsusklei and Rebel.

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Diego Torres

Diego Antonio Caccia Torres (born March 9, 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine pop singer and composer. He launched his first album, "Diego Torres", produced by Cachorro López. This album was rewarded 3 times platinum. Two years later, and a little distant from TV, he launched his second album called "Tratar de estar mejor" which received 5 platinum albums in Argentina and gold and platinum albums in other Latin American countries. This album launched Torres to the international scene.


There is more than one artist under this name: 1. Loren (Lorenzo Arias) is a MC from Barcelona, Spain and a former member of abstract hip-hop band Magnatiz (previously known as Muerte Acustica). 2. Loren is an Australian singer/songwriter. Down to earth and humble, Loren is a hard-working troubadour revealing a musical ambition that dazzles. Courtesy of five releases and a huge live presence, he is a testament to what one can create within an independent music scene. Constant touring from Loren as a solo artist at the beginning of his career saw his fanbase and reputation steadily build.

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Violadores Del Verso

Violadores del Verso are a hardcore rap band from Zaragoza, Spain. The first reference that exists of 4 mc's working together and self-styled Violadores del Verso, occurs in the mock-up Gangsta Squad (formed by Lyric (Mc) and Brutal (Producer and DJ)) "Es tan solo un aviso (It's just a warning)," although they are both in the second version of Kase-o, as in the Bufank (consisting of Judge (Producer), R de Rumba (Producer and DJ) and Hate (mc)), and collaborations of components that would be Violadores del verse.

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Nacho Vegas

Self-described as a rock-singer-songwriter, Nacho Vegas blends the polyhedric language of rock and the most stark lyricism into an intense whole. His lyrics are painful and celebratory, pathetic and grand, brutally lucid and of an intimate beauty; a desperate philosophy of survival shines with a wicked sense of humour and a longing for the divine. Nacho Vegas has been a prominent figure in the Spanish 'indie' scene since his work with Eliminator Jr, Manta Ray; bands influenced by Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and other similar avant-rock acts of the early 90's.

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NOTE: This is NOT "Miranda!", the Argentinian electropop band. If your Miranda! tracks lead to this page, please correct the artist field in them and help keep's stats correct. Miranda may refer to: 1) Swedish goa trance producer Linda Miranda Silvergren. 2) Italian instrumental/noise rock band Miranda, on From Scratch Records. 3) Short lived Spanish eurodance/trance project.

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The X

There are multiple artists using this name. 1. An alias for jungle producer Mark McKinley that he used from 1994 to 1997. The biggest hit under this moniker is New Dawn on Jump Up Recordings.

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Jaume Sisa (Barcelona, 1948) is a Catalan artist, composer and songwriter, who defines himself as "galàctic". His most famous song "Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol" (from the album with the same name) was published in 1975. He has had a long career with a very personal and unconventional style, including using different artistic names. Discography: Sisa * 1968- L'Home Dibuixat
* 1969- Miniatura (with Pau Riba, Cachas & Albert Batiste)
* 1971- Orgia

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STAY is a pop/rock band from Boston, MA.
With official albums and EPs, they already toured with Romance on a Rocketship, For The Foxes, and shared festivals with All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set, Asking Alexandria, VersaEmerge, Enter Shikari and others.
Currently with members changing, STAY once counted with Anthony Rainville, Nick Crist and Andrew Elliott.

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