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Kiki Pau

Kiki Pau is a lovable exception in today’s music scene. The band has been labeled an over-trendy indie group from Helsinki’s Punavuori, but Kiki Pau is in fact as organic as a rock group can be in today’s world. Influenced by 1980s and ‘90s alternative rock and 1960s and ‘70s classic pop, Kiki Pau gathered a wealth of positive attention from both critics and music bloggers two years ago with their ironically named debut "Let's Rock".

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Sleepercurve are a three piece 'Dystopian Space Rock' band from Brixton, London whose members are Daniel Walsh (lead vocals, guitar), Mark Dixon (bass guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Simon Tomes (drums, vocals). Named after the term used by US science writer Steven Berlin Johnson to describe the idea of popular culture being beneficial to an individual's cognitive development. Taking influences that range from contemporary bands like Interpol...

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Schneeweiss Und Rosenrot

The newcomer band Schneeweiss und Rosenrot gives a fascinating insight into the lively work of four young jazz musicians who expand conventional borders by moving between jazz, pop and avant-garde. The international band, whose members come from Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Luxemburg, has been around for four years, the result of the fortunate encounter of four experienced instrumentalists.

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At least 2 artists are known as Moomin. 1. Moomin is a Berlin-based electronic music producer. His EPs were released on labels such as Aim, White or Smallville Records. His debut album, The Story About You, was released on Smallville Records the 31st october 2011. 2. MOOMIN (むーみん or ムーミン) (born July 13, 1972) is a Japanese reggae artist. Along with a number of colleagues, he is responsible for the growth and popularity of Japan's reggae scene.
He is originally from Chigasaki, Kanagawa, and is married with two children. He works at Overheat Studios, and keeps it real.

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Pete Wylie

Pete Wylie (born 22 March 1958, Liverpool) is an English singer/songwriter, best known as the leader of the group variously known as Wah!, Wah! Heat, The 5,000 Names of Wah! or even The Mighty Wah!. Active from 1979, they garnered critical acclaim for the single Better Scream and the album Nah Poo! The Art Of Bluff. Their biggest hit single was The Story Of The Blues, which was released in late 1982, and ultimately reached Number 3 in the UK singles chart.

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There are seven bands called A.I.D.S. #1: A.I.D.S. is a black metal band from Indiana, US in 2004. The only member in the band is Tophetarath known from other bands like Fog, Nokturnel and Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse. A.I.D.S.' lyrics are about the holocaust, they have released 1 album called "Syndrome of the End Approaching" and they're Currently working on a split with EMK #2: Name : Helius Zhamiq aka KORRIGAN aka A.I.D.S.aka
Wyplash aka Bottlegrin aka S.I.H. aka Harl’M Rakai
Members : K.BAL (Since 1996, Founder), ARTSKORPS (Since

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A Seated Craft

A Seated Craft is the music of Australian born, Berlin based musician Alexia Peniguel. Her music combines narrative folk with well-tempered indie sensibilities to provide moments of quiet deliberation, chorusing joy and broken majesty.

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Namito is one of the most pleasant DJs you could hope to meet. Far from the wannabe stars that dominate the scene Namito truly loves his career and relishes every moment he spends playing or producing. While other DJs strive for fame and recognition, Namitos down_to_earth attitude and approach to his music make him one of the few real DJ_Artists. Rarely do you find such a dedicated individual, the man goes to bed with his logic audio manual for gods sake!

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