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Cloud Rat

Cloud Rat is an American grindcore trio hailing from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since forming in late 2009, the band has evolved into a strong force of rapture and intensity, continuing full throttle on delivering a reigning sound with an impetious fervor.

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There are three bands with the name Sleepwalkers: 1) A post-hardcore band from Worcester, Massachusetts. Their Facebook page can be found here: You can download their debut record "Your Hell Looks Like Heaven To Me" here:
2) A alternative/electronic writing and production duo from Birmingham, UK. Their facebook page can be found here:

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The Separation

There are three bands with this name. 1. The Separation formed in 2004 and are based in Bromley, UK. They play a furious marriage of post-hardcore riffage to pop-laden hooks, and have been compared to Rise Against and Billy Talent by national magazine Rocksound. Check out the songs under 'Retire Your Engines' for this band's output.

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Hardcore band from Belgium. Oathbreaker arose from the ashes of No Recess, creating heavy metallic yet melodic hardcore with the most evil female vocals you will ever hear! Their debut was released on CD by Holy Shit! Records and on 7" vinyl by Thirty Days of Night Records.

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There are at least six bands called Orchid:
1. A hardcore band from Amherst, Massachusetts
2. A doom metal band from San Francisco, California
3. An indie-pop band Poznan, Poland
4. A rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia
5. an alias of Alexander Tooth
6. a "post-prog" band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
1. Active from 1998 to 2002, Orchid was first and foremost a hardcore band. Orchid combined a post-modern aesthetic with hardcore punk...

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One count of guitarist, drummer, vocalist and bassist - IDYLLS. Two years of heavy experimentation and member reconfiguration lead to a lucid birth in early 2011. Three tracks of absolutely scathing temperatures, 'Amps for God/Plague Hell' is but a sliver of the desperately violent catharsis to come. Post-life. Pre-cemetery. Sun Distorted.

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