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1. A polish progressive rock/metal band. In December 2007 Marcin Kicyk, Jakub Żytecki and Rafal Biernacki met to form a band called DISPERSE. Fascination with artrock, fusion, metal and jazz contributed to setting the project music of which would abstract from common musical patterns and advance listeners’ imagination. During the first half a year of its existence, the band makes four songs and in March Szymon Balicki, drums, joins the band.

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1.)Regiment is a slovak hip-hop crew include three MCs: Kosho and Chrobu from Bratislava and Adrem from Senec. There is also two DJs: Re5 from Bratislava and Fedy from Pezinok. They are performers of alternative/christian rap. At the begining there was a single rapper Adrem with Dj Fedy, he released his demo album "M

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gregg weiss

Gregg Weiss is a many-sided musician. He maintains a homebase in New York City, but he now lives with his small family in a rural French village, after spending a significant amount of time in Poland. His CD "Essencial P" is mostly in an Ozark/Appalachian style with both traditional and original songs. His newest album "On the Way to India, Stopped in Poland, Now in France" is a DIY guitar and voice creation consisting of original creative and autobiographical songs.

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Nosowska is an abbreviation of Katarzyna Nosowska (aka Kasia Nosowska), best known as the lead singer of Hey (Polish rock band, she co-founded in 1992). Besides her career with the band, she has released five solo albums, to date. Her solo releases are substantially different in style from that of Hey's. While Hey has been faithful to / rock, Kasia has experimented with industrial & electronica sounds, e.g.

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Suffering Mind

Suffering Mind is grindcore band from Lublin, Poland. The band has dual female / guttural male vocals, and members formally played in acts such as Antichrist and People Hate. Influences include equal doses of old-school grindcore, crust punk, death metal and powerviolence, and influences by particular bands include Phobia, Disrupt, Dystopia, Dropdead, Spazz, Insect Warfare, etc. Discography: Destroy Mankind 7" EP (2008)
At War With Mankind CD / LP (2009)
Split 7" EP w/ Wojtyła (2009)
Split 7" EP w/ Lycanthrophy (2009)

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Pati Yang

Pati Yang is one of Poland's most acclaimed electronic artists who released a critically revered album at 18 years old; a beguiling beauty whose sirenesque tones and joy of experimentation in music and the arts have earned her artistic acclaim, commercial success and stadium tour support for Depeche Mode. Pati was born in Poland but spent the first 6 years of her life on tour with her mother

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There are more bands called ADHD: 1.) adHD is an indie prog rock trio from Seattle, WA, USA. Their "Distraction EP" is available on iTunes, Zune, etc. Their web page is http://adhdrocks.us 2.)ADHD is a dutch rap crew concisting out of :Dicecream(MC), Brainpower(MC), Man!ak(MC/producer) and DJ TLM (producer). In 2004 they released their first and probably last album “Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid Dopeness”

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There are two bands with the name Lowtide. The first is a band from Melbourne, Australia who began in 2010 as a project of Three Month Sunset. the lineup expanded to include vocalist and bassist Lucky Buckeridge, drummer Anton Jakovljovic and second bassist Giles Simon. They released their first EP independently in August of that year entitled You Are My Good Light. This was followed by the Underneath Tonight single in March 2011 which came out on the Departed Sounds label. The other are a Polish hardcore metal band.

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Bastion is the name of an Xbox Live Arcade game produced by independent developer Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Bastion was released on July 20, 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade and on August 16, 2011 for digital download on Windows. Bastion has been acclaimed for its enchanting soundtrack, receiving best Original Soundtrack and Best Song with Build that Wall (Zia's Theme) awards from Spike's Video Game awards. The soundtrack was composed by audio and music designer Darren Korb.

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