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Emperor X

Emperor X is a pop/noise/folk music project headed by American musician C. R. Matheny. The project often performs and records with little more than Matheny on an acoustic guitar and a dynamic microphone, but sometimes also employs large groups of musicians on percussion instruments, various electronic noisemakers, brass/woodwind/string ensembles, and traditional rock instruments. The lyrics of Emperor X songs have been described as simultaneously "hallucinatory" and "precise," and discuss subjects ranging from plate tectonics ("A Violent Translation of the Concordia Headscarp")...

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The Brilliant Corners

At long last a band is being recognised for the influence it has had without the commercial acclaim that some of their songs deserved.
This seminal Bristol band consisted of a nucleus of Chris Galvin (bass) and David Woodward (vocals and guitars) with Bob Morris (drums) plus various others during their ten years of existence.
Through various styles they created a unique Bristol slant on the 80's which was never deemed glamorous by the press or music gliterrati in general. Some may say that the Bristol scene was insular but it was really about being yourself and getting on with things.

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Shannon And The Clams

Beach Rock revival Oakland, California band Shannon and the Clams take you back to a time when Judy and Johnny were your favorite worst couple, with the help of some very heartbreaking background vocals and guitar riffs of which The Beatles would be proud. Influences like The Beach Boys, The Shangri- La's, The Ronettes, and Patsy Cline shine through in songs like "When You're On", with front woman Shannon crooning like a scorned Leslie Gore, but with a rough unpolished edge inspired by the likes of The Cramps, Bad Brains, and fellow beach bum Nobunny.

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The Awful Truth

There are two artists listed under The Awful Truth. 1) The Awful Truth were a progressive metal band from the late 1980s based in Houston, Texas, United States. They were a three piece consisting of Monty Colvin, Alan Doss and David von Ohlerking. They released one album, the self-titled The Awful Truth. After the band split, Colvin and Doss formed the Galactic Cowboys. 2) The Awful Truth is the name that Brent Colbert from Salt Lake City, Utah records under.

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The Brunettes

The Brunettes were formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1998 by musical couple Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield. They were a paradox from the beginning - creating boy/girl melodramatic pop inspired by 70s New York punk and 60s girl groups but surrounded in an Auckland scene of opiate-infused garage rock 'n' roll. Inspired by his dreams of domestic bliss while a teenager living in rat infested junkie flats, and in direct rebellion to the messy hair...

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Swimming may be 1 of 2 artists: "Washed in sound with a great big brush, Swimming's canvas is wide and handsome, big as the sky, colour dripped from above, layer on layer, like an Auerbach take on Pollock" – Artrocker, September ‘08. One of the most refreshing acts to have emerged from the UK in 2008, Swimming are rapidly developing a devoted fanbase on the basis of their intense and mesmerizing live shows.

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There are multiple artists with the name "Footwork", including a genre. 1)
Footwork is a local trio comprised of Taylor Wingett (Secondary), Myke Pelly (Haunted Horses), and James Scheall (Wet Paint DMM, Half Gift). Their sound is—perhaps unsurprisingly—not unlike a weird, mutant hybrid of Haunted Horses’ grand guignol and Wet Paint DMM’s singularly clanging brutality. The bass and guitar shriek, stab, and throb with the distorted angularity of German Expressionism...

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