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Aborted Jesus Milkshake

Aborted Jesus Milkshake Taking entertainment to unwelcome and unpleasant new realms. Australia’s premiere Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, want you to witness firsthand the death of all things resembling enjoyment. Heralded as simultaneously the best Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band in Australia, they are also largely believed to be the worst overall band in Australia, beating many other popular contenders for the title, such as Short Stack and The Veronicas.

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Facebreaker is a -band formed in the summer of 1999 in Finspång, Sweden. The band consists of vocalist Roberth Karlsson, guitarists Mika Lagrén and Janne Ivarsson, basist and backing vocalist Jonas Magnusson and drummer Mikael Wassholm. Facebreaker started as an idea of a straight-forward metal act and in the autumn of 1999 the band began rehearsing. Jonas came to join the band after stopping by a rehearsal-session.

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There are several artists under the name of Burden:
1) A thrash metal band from Finland
2) A sludge metal band from Germany
3) A Canadian band playing hardcore
4) An American crossover band
5) An experimental drone/dark ambient artist
1) Burden is a finnish thrash metal metal band. It was founded in autumn 2008. Sami (bass guitar/vocals) and Henkka (rhythm guitar) phoned Matias (drums) so they could form a band. Later Henkka asked Otto (lead guitar) to join the band, and he did. After they had composed some songs of their own, they practiced hard and went to the studio.

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