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Bajm is a Polish pop rock band founded in 1978 in Lublin. The name of the group is an initializm derived from the first letters of members' names. Beata, Andrzej, Jarosław and Marek.

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Monika Brodka was born on 7.02.1987 in Twardorzeczka, Poland. She won the 3rd edition of Polish IDOL, and since then has recorded pop and adult contemporary music. She was the second female winner of the show, and as of 2006, is the youngest of the four. Her single "Znam Ci? na pami??" debuted at #5 on MTV Poland's "The Interactive Chart". She recently voiced Karai in the Polish version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Discography: 1. Album (2004),
2. Moje piosenki (2006),
3. Granda (2010).

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There are four different artists of the same name: 1.
Kowalski from Bangor, collectively 83 years old, approximately 66 metres of cable, 1 bass, 2 keyboards, 2 guitars, a drum kit , an organ, two synths and four members who go by the names Louis, Tom, Paddy and Daniel.
In December 2009 they announced that Daniel had left the band to join The Jane Bradfords. He was replaced by another Paddy, prompting Louis and Tom to consider changing their names to Paddy as well.

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Nosowska is an abbreviation of Katarzyna Nosowska (aka Kasia Nosowska), best known as the lead singer of Hey (Polish rock band, she co-founded in 1992). Besides her career with the band, she has released five solo albums, to date. Her solo releases are substantially different in style from that of Hey's. While Hey has been faithful to / rock, Kasia has experimented with industrial & electronica sounds, e.g.

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Patrycja Markowska

Patrycja Markowska (born December 21, 1979 in Warsaw) is a Polish pop-rock singer. Her father is a frontman of band - Perfect.

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There are at least four bands named "Husky":
1. A downtempo duo from Poland
2. A rock band from the United States
3. A rock band from Australia
4. An indie rock band from Mexico 1) Polish electronica-downtempo duo consisting of Patrycja Hefczynska (vocalist/writer) and Jacek Dojwa (composer/producer). Their music is influenced by such artists as Björk, Craig Armstrong, Amon Tobin, Telefon Tel Aviv, Portishead and Lamb. They released two LP's: "Czy słyszysz?" (eng. Do you hear) in 2002 and "Zgadnij" (eng. Guess) in 2006.

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