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Fu is a Polish rapper. He's been active on the scene since it's very beginnings in Poland. He is known for working with bands like ZIP Skład and Zipera. He was first heard in 1998 on DJ 600V's album "Produkcja Hip-Hop", where he appeared together with other mamebers of Zip Skład. After that, he appeared on Wzgórze Ya-pa-3's album "Ja Mam To Co Ty" and on a compilation called "Hip-Hopowy Raport z Osiedla". In 1999 he made a guest appearance on another compilation "600 Kilovolt" by DJ 600V and in September Zip Skład released it's first album "Chleb Powszedni".

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Monika Brodka was born on 7.02.1987 in Twardorzeczka, Poland. She won the 3rd edition of Polish IDOL, and since then has recorded pop and adult contemporary music. She was the second female winner of the show, and as of 2006, is the youngest of the four. Her single "Znam Ci? na pami??" debuted at #5 on MTV Poland's "The Interactive Chart". She recently voiced Karai in the Polish version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Discography: 1. Album (2004),
2. Moje piosenki (2006),
3. Granda (2010).

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Pati Yang

Pati Yang is one of Poland's most acclaimed electronic artists who released a critically revered album at 18 years old; a beguiling beauty whose sirenesque tones and joy of experimentation in music and the arts have earned her artistic acclaim, commercial success and stadium tour support for Depeche Mode. Pati was born in Poland but spent the first 6 years of her life on tour with her mother

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Maria Peszek

Maria Peszek was born in 1973 in Wrocław. She's a daughter of a well-known actor. As she has graduated from acting school, she started performing. So did her brother Błażej.

Her adventure with music began with the play Muzyka ze słowami (Music With Words) where her acting was accompanied with music composed by Polish independent artist Wojciech Waglewski. In 2005 this resulted in Miasto Mania, with music by Wojciech Waglewski and his sons Fisz and Emade (also well known for their ambient hip hop albums).

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Yo is a Toronto based singer/songwriter. Her songs have been recorded by Harlow, Long John Baldry & Boiling Point, among others. Her latest album, Strange Life, is set to be released in July of 2009. Sample music and contact info can be found on her official website http://musicbyyo.com.

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