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There are two artists with this name: 1) Oceanus are a 5-piece progressive metal band based in Hampshire, South England, UK. Their sound is noted for being extreamly atmospheric and contains many different elements which include mostly death/doom and post-rock influences. Alex Fawcett - Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Helps - Guitars

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Arcturus is an band from Oslo, Norway featuring many prominent members of the Norwegian black metal scene from bands such as Ulver, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Borknagar, The Kovenant, Emperor, and Winds. Arcturus have experimented throughout their career, extracting influences and incorporating elements from all over the musical spectrum including black metal and classical music, but the core of their sound has always been metal.

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Inter Arma

Inter Arma formed in 2007 in Richmond, VA. Playing many basements around the area and writing many songs, they released their debut, Sundown, in May 2010 via Forcefield Records. "Richmond's INTER ARMA totally floored me at The Charleston with their furious mix of black metal, southern stoner style and NEUROSIS-style imperial riffage." – BBG // BrooklynVegan "Further blurring the lines between what constitutes pure Norwegian black metal, Scandinavian blackened death metal and their influences Stateside, Richmond, VA's INTER ARMA unveil one intense demon of an album with Sundown.

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Founded in the insanity forges of Alasdair Dunn's Mind in 2011, Norderobring then suddenly became reality when Duncan McLaren, a total legend, joined the mighty throng in August 2011 to play bass. And whatever else. On 11/11/11, Colin Pender and Cristina Haining Joined to play guitars and Bass respectively, with Duncan shifting to vocals, and rapidly behind on 13/11/11, filling the ranks, Amber Lennox joined to play keyboards. Mitchell Morrison then joined to do extra guitary funtimes.

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There are two bands with the name Brave: 1) A Progressive Rock/Metal band 2) A Power Metal band from Brazil 1)Brave is a progressive rock/metal band with female vocals and violins. The members are Michelle Loose (vocals, keys), Scott Loose (guitars), Trevor Schrotz (drums), Ben Kelly (bass), Suvo Sur (violin, keys) and Matt Kozar (guitars). The roots of Brave began in 1997 when brother and sister duo Scott and Michelle Loose began writing diverse, acoustic-based, dark progressive music with their childhood friend and drummer, Trevor Schrotz.

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Moonsorrow is a band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 1995. Musically, the band incorporates elements of and in their sound. The band call their sound "" and try to distance themselves from the term "". The group's earliest formation consisted of cousins Ville Sorvali (vocals and bass) and Henri Sorvali (guitar and keyboards; also keyboards for Finntroll, Barathrum, and session member of Ensiferum) who released various demos that were much more characteristic of than future releases.

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Azylya is a melodic metal band from Belgium. AZYLYA was founded in 2009 and is based in the Belgian Capital of Brussels, playing a mix of melodic metal and a bit of thrash.
The sound of AZYLYA came to be by creating a harmony between the angelic voice of Songstress Jamie-Lee (ex Skeptical Minds & AEDDEN) and the thrash scores of Vlad, bringing the dark, painful and suffering in contrast with a sound of hope.

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Blindead was founded in Gdynia, Poland in 1999 by Michal Zimorski (Zima) - bass and Mateusz Smierzchalski (Havoc) - guitar. Few months later, Marek Zielinski (Deadman) - guitar, Konrad Ciesielski - drums and Patryk Adamczyk - vocals, joined the band. It was a casual project made for pleasure rather than a professional band. Besides, in the same time, Havoc became the guitarist of Behemoth and it was his priority.

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