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Bell Witch

From the ashes of Sod Hauler and Lethe comes Bell Witch, the newest heavy music project for Seattle based drummer Adrian Guerra and bassist Dylan Desmond (also of Samothrace). Bell Witch's bass and drum only doom metal is extremely bleak and extremely heavy, just as it should be.

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Dead Days Beyond Help

Dead Days Beyond Help is Alex Ward's latest performing band, and also includes Jem Doulton on drums. Conceptualised as a tight experimental 'prog-rock' duo, DDBH also plays songs from the forthcoming Alex Ward & The Dead Ends album, as well as their own material. The resulting live shows are a cacophonous mix of loud, aggressive, mathematically complex rock riffage, lengthy improvisation, and unpredictable and misleadingly subdued country-western bile. Debut record coming soon! http://uk.youtube.com/user/DeadDaysBeyondHelp

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Steve Lawson and Lobelia

A duo comprised of experimental British bassist Steve Lawson and American singer/songwriter Lobelia. They specialise in looped and layered ambience, playing Lobelia's songs as well as a range of unexpected cover versions, such as Love Is A Battlefield or Black Hole Sun. They perform all over the UK, and occasionally in Europe, and released a live-in-the-studio EP in early 2008 called Live In Nebraska.

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www.youtube.com/meanddeboe "Mercy Elise And Sarah Deboe (ME and DEBOE) are two accomplished singer song writers in their own right. Elise grew up in West Yorkshire, learning classical guitar and touring with a guitar ensemble. She moved to Cheshire to study and pursue her solo work.
Here, she met Sarah Deboe, originally from Liverpool, with a love for 60's rock n' roll, very distinctive and well mastered in her guitar style and songwriting. Deboe Excelled in Performance as well, competing and winning "Battle of the Bands" in Liverpool as a solo artist.

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There are three or greater artists named Ragdoll. 1, A post-punk outfit from Baltimore, MD. 2, ragdoll is a Japanese duo band consist of Tatsugoo (sound producer/art direction/DJ) and Yummi (vocal/lyrics/dance). 3, Ragdoll: A German tech house/electro outfit with known eps Pink & Blue Vitamins and Soundwave
[1] http://ragdoll.bandcamp.com/
[2] Official site: http://ragdoll-music.com/
[3] Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Ragdoll

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