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We are a band from Eastern Switzerland and have been playing together since September 2008. We have played in several bands before and were now motivated to spread our ideas with our music, so we started the band Unveil. We've chosen the name "Unveil" because we think that many people are not aware of how much is going wrong on this planet. We want to take part in making the problems known. We want to unveil them. For us it's very important to walk through our life with a sober mind.
We don't want to turn a blind eye to this world.

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Pain Runs Deep

Pain Runs Deep did really start in late 90s, recorded a decent MCD, gigged a bit and went into a long hiatus to be back among the living in 2008. Refreshed, rejuvanted and reinforced they delivered bunch of quality shows, crushing all over the place, getting enormous feedback from the crowd who turned out to be totally new generation of hardcore kids with few of those who stage dove to their songs when they were around for the first time.

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Born Into Suffering

Born Into Suffering is a Vegan Beatdown/Hardcore/Metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Formed in mid-2007 as just a basic Beatdown band, however the members were all Vegetarian or Vegan, and felt the need to voice the concerns and frustrations of a world gone mad with greed and the soulless manipulation of animal kind. The message is simple, GO FUCKING VEGAN! Angry and heavy, but full of heart.

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1. a 90s hardcore band from syracuse, new york which features members of earth crisis
2. Psychedelic rock band from San Diego. A 2LP set exists, uncovering the story and 1968-69 studio/live recordings of this obscure outfit. Touted as "the second Brain Police" by hopeful dealers, the connection between the bands was marginal. The informative but longwinded liner notes refer to the band as a power trio and Hendrixy, but in actuality this is a pretty low-key, latenight bluesy club affair for most part.

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Day Of Contempt

Day of Contempt were a metalcore band from Adelaide, South Australia. Formed in 1997, they became an integral part of the burgeoning Adelaide underground hardcore scene before gaining widespread recognition and respect on a national scale. After releasing two cassette demos and a pair of EPs (Where Shadows Lie and See Through the Lies), as well as undertaking countless tours across Australia, USA, Europe and Japan, Day of Contempt relocated in mid-2004 to the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Signing with Epitaph, the band released one further EP, 2005's The Will to Live.

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