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To Kill

Italian hardcore band To Kill formed in 2004 and have risen to become one of the most promising bands in today's European hardcore scene. They have toured relentelssly, following their self-titled debut release on Still Life Records and Watching You Fall in the U.S. on Catalyst Records. In 2006 they signed with GSR Records and released Vultures, which delivers their usual fast and heavy hardcore, followed in 2008 by When Blood Turns into Stone.

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Agathocles is a legendary grindcore band from Belgium, who describe their music as "". The band started in 1985, and has gone through many line-up changes - with Jan Frederickx being the only original member - but is still going strong today. Agathocles have gained an underground cult following through their frequent releases - which mostly include countless 7" EPs, Split 7" EPs, full-length CDs / LPs, and compilations - adding up throughout the years to become one of the largest discographies of any grindcore band.

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Good Riddance

Good Riddance is a band hailing from Santa Cruz, California. They formed in 1986 and after over twenty years, eight albums, and countless tours, played their farewell show in 2007. They played fast and explosive punk and hardcore music that was heavily influenced by the early American hardcore scene. The lyrical themes varied from political protests and analysis of the American society, to personal struggles and alienation. On occasion, the band had also been known to write slower, sometimes romantic songs.

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The Separation

There are three bands with this name. 1. The Separation formed in 2004 and are based in Bromley, UK. They play a furious marriage of post-hardcore riffage to pop-laden hooks, and have been compared to Rise Against and Billy Talent by national magazine Rocksound. Check out the songs under 'Retire Your Engines' for this band's output.

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Biography 1996 - 2003
This is our band-history . . . By Riccardo Ricci PART.1 (1996-1999) Reprisal started out in september '96 from the ashes of a band called Statement, which just released a pretty good demo the year before. Because of that we already had a deal with Cycle Records to record for a split 7" with a band from Parma called Greed. Both me (Riccardo-guitar) and Alex Massa (the singer) were in that band. So we decided to call it quit and move on to a new project mostly because of a band-member who was slowly losing any dignity by falling into fascists behaviours.

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1. a 90s hardcore band from syracuse, new york which features members of earth crisis
2. Psychedelic rock band from San Diego. A 2LP set exists, uncovering the story and 1968-69 studio/live recordings of this obscure outfit. Touted as "the second Brain Police" by hopeful dealers, the connection between the bands was marginal. The informative but longwinded liner notes refer to the band as a power trio and Hendrixy, but in actuality this is a pretty low-key, latenight bluesy club affair for most part.

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There are at least 8 bands that use the name Deadlock: 1. Deadlock are a German band that combine metal with the harsh atmospheric nature of today’s modern sounds. Founded in the later half of 1997, Deadlock took their time to find a solid line-up and the right attitude towards cultivating a sound all their own. After their first self-titled 7 Inch was released, the band gained further attention with their MCD "I’ll Wake You When Spring Awakes". The quintet started to include keyboards and clean female vocals to their songs during the period of their release “The Arrival.

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Well Known Secret

Two guys from the south of the Netherlands. They play a mixture of Folk and Punk and are both vegan. They write about political and ethical things. They play and sing our hearts out. They're busy writing an EP which will be released on It's Trash Records. They're in it for the good times. They'll play anywhere / anytime. Feel free to contact them. They will play for some gas money and if it's possible some vegan food. They consider themselves far left winged and workshy.

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