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Paul Menel

Paul Menel (born 12th June 1963) is an English singer-songwriter best known as the former lead singer of progressive rock band IQ, from late 1985 through to 1990. He wrote the lyrics, co-wrote the music, and sang lead vocals on Nomzamo (1987) and Are You Sitting Comfortably? (1989), IQ's 4th and 5th studio albums. He has just finished recording a new solo album, co-written with keyboard player Ian Diment, produced by Gavin Monaghan at the Magic Garden Studio in Wolverhampton. His debut single from that album is called Twenty One, released on 23rd August 2010.

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Comedy of Errors

Comedy Of Errors is a Glasgow-based progressive rock band formed in January 1984 with a first line-up of Jim Johnson (keyboards, vocals), Joe Cairney (vocals), John McPhee (drums), Mark Spalding (bass) and Mike Barnard (guitar). Their first recording is a three track demo cassette called "Ever be the Prize", which is recorded at a studio in Blanefield (Scotland) in 1985, and followed by a mini album in 1986.

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"Tamasha was born a long time ago near the beginning of the millennium. Five forces, each carrying the power of five suns, joined together to form a mighty entity which would have lost to Voltron by only a small margin. They wrote songs like Jam ..1 and Jam ..2, ran keyboards as well as bass and vocals through a single amplifier, and performed in peoples basements and on various slabs of plywood. Eventually, they pooled their power (that would be the power of 25 suns, for those of you challenged by multiplication) and obtained the Black PA.

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1. A polish progressive rock/metal band. In December 2007 Marcin Kicyk, Jakub Żytecki and Rafal Biernacki met to form a band called DISPERSE. Fascination with artrock, fusion, metal and jazz contributed to setting the project music of which would abstract from common musical patterns and advance listeners’ imagination. During the first half a year of its existence, the band makes four songs and in March Szymon Balicki, drums, joins the band.

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Kansas is a band which formed in Topeka, Kansas, United States in 1970. The band is best known for their international hit singles "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind". The band's classic lineup consisted of Steve Walsh (vocals, keyboards), Richard Williams (guitar), Kerry Livgren (guitar), Robby Steinhardt (violin, vocals), Dave Hope (bass) and Phil Ehart (drums). The band currently consists of Walsh, Ehart, Williams, Billy Greer (bass) and David Ragsdale (violin).

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There are at least three bands that are named Cog. One from Australia, one from the Philippines, and one from Croatia. 1)
Cog was a rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Cog consisted of members Flynn Gower (lead guitar, lead vocals), Lucius Borich (drums, samples, backing vocals) and Luke Gower (bass guitar and backing vocals), who had been a band since 1998. Flynn Gower and Lucius Borich (the son of renowned Australian blues guitarist Kevin Borich) were friends at their Bondi high school in the 1980s.

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There are at least 5 artists called Host: 01) Hardcore punk band out of New Hampshire 02) An band from London, UK published by hitBACK music. Not currently recording. 03) An / band from Poland. 04) An / independent artist from France. 05) An brazilian band, nowadays called Drama. 06) A / group hailing from the UK -

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Mr Black

Solo Grungegaze cum Dark Psychedelicore cum Doom Folk cum Symphonic Noisewave cum Space Pop cum Gothic Soul cum Crust Pop cum Math Funk cum Acid Metal cum Sludgetherealindustrial cum Powerpopviolence cum Southern Postcore project of Mr Black conceived around 2001 as a solo project of Mr Black but not started until sometime in the 90's. Mr Black split up in 2010 following the death of Mr Black leaving behind a wide and well-received catalogue of absolutely no albums whatsoever.

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