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Call To Preserve

Call to Preserve is a straight edge hardcore band based in Central Florida. Formed in 2003, the band plays heavy straight ahead hardcore that occasionally carries a melodic tinge.
After releasing a demo in 2005 CTP were signed to Facedown Records imprint label, Strikefirst Records in 2006. Their first full length, "Unsinkable," was released that August.
In the summer of 2008, CTP moved to parent label Facedown Records to release their sophomore album, "From Isolation," which was recorded that July with Jim Seigel (Dropkick Murphys...

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Wait in Vain

WAIT IN VAIN has emerged in the Northwest as one of the most dynamic bands in the hardcore scene today. Their passion, intensity, and anger is spreading like wild fire worldwide. The band, as described by former TRIAL frontman Greg Bennick, "is both a reminder of the past and a vision of what is to come: the return of hardcore that feels dangerous and potentially lethal to the status quo." Fronted by Timm McIntosh, formerly of TRIAL (Equal Vision Records) and CHAMPION (Bridge 9 Records), WAIT IN VAIN has a voice that has been a part of the uprise...

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Rebel Soul Collective

Nottingham, United Kingdom Rebel Soul Collective have sculpted their sound drawing energy from bands like Primal Scream, Late of the Pier, the Rapture, Kasabian, TV on the Radio and the Go! Team. The current sound of the band would be best described as a mixture of electronic dance and swaggering rock and roll that maintains the tension between these genres. Their sound is varied yet cohesive, complex yet focused.

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1. New Zealand metalcore band. The band changed their name in 2008 to Antagonist A.D. to avoid to confusion with other bands holding the same name.
2. Antagonist are a metalcore band from Whittier, California in the United States. In the rapidly changing and evolving world of heavy music, bands come and go faster than you can get a value meal at a fast food restaurant. Finding bands who are still slugging it out after a decade is a rare occurrence. What’s even more uncommon is finding a band who have recorded their most intense and career defining album 12 years into their career.

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There are, at least, two artists with the name Palisades. 1. Palisades are a band from Iselin, New Jersey comprised of members of Marilyn is Dead. Band members include: Louis Miceli on vocals, Matt Marshall on guitar, Xavier Adams on guitar and vocals, Earl Halasan on guitar and programming, Brandon Reese on bass, and Aaron Rosa on Drums. For more info, see their Facebook. 2. Palisades are band from in Melbourne, Australia. Stream and download their demo here.

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Falling In Reverse

Falling in Reverse is a band formed in Henderson, Nevada, United States. They were previously known as From Behind These Walls but due to another band having the same name they decided to rename the band to Falling in Reverse. The band consists of former Escape the Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke and currently has several instrumentals and demo songs. Falling in Reverse has signed with Epitaph Records and will release their new self-titled album on July 26th 2011. Their first single is called "Raised By Wolves" which is to be released on June 7th 2011.

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There are several bands with the name Harvest: (1) A Minneapolis band
(2) A Barcelona band
(3) A Texas band
(4) A UK-based band
(5) A band from New Zealand
(6) A German band
(7) An Oklahoma City band from the early 70s
(8) A dark ambient music project
(9) A Japanese band
(10) Jump up drum and bass producer
Harvest (1) Harvest (US) was a seminal hardcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. It released two full lengths on Trustkill Records plus numerous 7"s and splits.

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There are three bands with this name. 1. Give is an american band from Annapolis Junction, Maryland. Members from Lion of Judah and Breakthrough. Soon to release their Introduction LP in 2009. 2. Hardcore Band from Bremerhaven, GERMANY
Released their first demo in 2008 3. Hardcore band from Massachusetts circa 2004 consisting of former members of Honkeyball.

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