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high hopes

there are at least 3 artist with the same name ... no because somebody found a 4 one 1) High Hopes - melodic hardcore from Kentucky, USA (1999-2002)
2) High Hopes - indie rock band from Paris, France
3) HIGH x HOPES - Straight edge hardcore punk band from Moscow, Russia
4) Sweden hardcore band (Until 2002)
Kentucky, USA
Melodic hardcore High Hopes split up in 2002

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Monster X

There are at least two bands under this name: 1.) The first band to ever call themselves Monster X was from Orange County California (USA) and they started April 1986.
Their music was punk rock with a bit of funk in their songs. Members: Vocals - Steve Belmonte, Guitar - Dan Moses, Bass - Steve Price, Drums - Brian Prenger. The played several shows from 1986 to 1992 and a few reunion shows in 2005 with a new lineup which included Steve Belmonte as the only original member. Guitar player Dan Moses plays in the band the Dynotones. Steve Belmonte sings now and then for the Luxurious Adults.

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Outspoken was formed in 1990 when longtime friends John Coyle and Mike Hartsfield started writing songs together John had just finished with his band Stand Alone and Mike was done with Against the Wall. They enlisted drummer Dennis Remsing and Dan Adair to play bass, with Hartsfield handling guitar duties and Coyle covering the vocals. The band quickly recorded the Survival 7" and then followed that up with the A Light In the Dark full length 12" and CD, both of which came out on the combined labels New Age and Conversion Records.

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We are a 4-piece emotional/post-hardcore band for the Midlands. We started out in late 2011 and have been playing shows with touring bands coming into Leicester, United Kingdom . Our first single was released in May 2012 and have now released our debut E.P 'The Harmony of Love', produced by Jamie Ward (Maybeshewill, Dark Dark Horse) In the coming months Goodfellas will be branching out to other cities in the UK.

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There are at least 8 bands that use the name Deadlock: 1. Deadlock are a German band that combine metal with the harsh atmospheric nature of today’s modern sounds. Founded in the later half of 1997, Deadlock took their time to find a solid line-up and the right attitude towards cultivating a sound all their own. After their first self-titled 7 Inch was released, the band gained further attention with their MCD "I’ll Wake You When Spring Awakes". The quintet started to include keyboards and clean female vocals to their songs during the period of their release “The Arrival.

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There are multiple artists/bands with the name Iration: (1) Iration is a rock/reggae band originally from Hawaii but have since relocated to Santa Barbara, CA, US. In 2007, they recorded and released their first full length album "No Time for Rest" at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, Ca, which featured one of the last recorded performances by reggae legend Mikey Dread. Their single “Cookie Jar” reached number one in Hawaii on 93.9 DaBeat and was featured on Fuel TV’s Triple Crown of Surfing recap. Their music was also featured on MTV shows Maui Fever and Living Lahaina.

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Salvation is a hardcore punk band from Pennsylvania. They recently put out a 7" titled "Smoke And Mirrors" on Youth Attack Records. Anyone who has seen this band live will attest that their frontman has yet to walk off a stage where his face wasn't dripping blood. Perfectly recorded pounded shrieking winds, lacerating and insensible.

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