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Northlane is a band from Sydney, Australia. Having emerged in 2009, they maintain all the angst and aggression of conventional , however have crafted a fresh and innovative approach to modern into their style. The current lineup: Adrian - Vocals, Alex - Bass, Jonny - Guitar, Josh - Guitar and Nic - Drums. 2010 Debut EP - Hollow Existence
2011 Debut Album - Discoveries

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1. They were "too much" for Jenny Jones' pro wrestling episode. Damn it, they've even kicked out their own members on occasion. They're Steve Albini and David Yow's favorite band. Maybe they're alien freakazoids too, but they're definitely on a mission. With an atomic mix of violently raw rawkers that Estrus Records would kill to have and the fastest songs this side of 1978, the Traitors are just that, traitors to the world of "punk" they were weened on, so much so that they don't even call it punk. "What kind of music do they play?" LOUD AND FAST.

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Burning Bright

1) Burning Bright is a band mixing , and , created in Caen, France in late 2011. The band is composed of Aurélien Gibert (ex-Eightfold Path & ex-Cercueils), antoine grezel (Aussitôt Mort & Amanda Woodward), Martin Aubeut (ex-Kusila), Antoine Ganso (Defiance) and Camille Blanchemain (The Hectic Dull Sound).
A split LP with Death Mercedes in April 2012, some months after the start of the band : tours multiply, in numerous countries, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, etc.

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Only Hope

Trying to be something different. New tracks coming soon Jacob Humphreys - Vocals
Damo Audino - Guitar & Vocals
Mat Dwyer - Guitar & Vocals
Sam Hart - Bass
Fraser Cringle - Drums

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The Steal

The coming together of four friends steeped in punk-rock history. Drawing on influences from Kid Dynamite, Bouncing Souls, Descendents and Good Clean Fun; they play urgent, catchy, fast, humerous, socially conscious and informative melodic hardcore, that is the most exciting punk rock we've heard in a very long time. A tour and split 10" is coming with similarly exciting Californian 6-piece Set Your Goals through June. Look out for a BBC Radio 1 Lock Up Session in the coming months and for their incredible energetic and fun live shows.

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Empty hall of fame

Czech Hc/punk band from Libina/Prerov..formed since spring 2006.. influences : Verse, Another Breath, See it throught, Strike anywhere,Gorilla biscuits,Comeback kid,Unseen etc.. free mp3 download: FREE DOWNLOAD!! NEW EP!!

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There are two bands called Lifeline. 1)Lifeline is an alternative rock band from Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Greg Golbitz - Guitar/Vox
Fred Keller - Guitar/Vox
Joe Venango - Drums/Vox
Mike Becker - Bass/Vox We have a demo out now and another EP on the way soon. 2)Lifeline is a 5 piece Hardcore band from the Norwich area. Follow us on Tumblr - We'd love to play everywhere! If you're a promoter and are interested in putting us on contact us at:

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No Way Out

There are multiple bands sharing the name of No Way Out: 1 - A Punk-pop band from Spain.
2 - A Hardcore/Metal outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
3 - A hardcore band from Belgium
4 - A post hardcore band from San Diego, California. Later changed name to My American Heart.
5 - A punk band originating in Woodstock, CT who still gets together every 5 years to record a new demo tape.

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Strung Out

Strung Out is a punk rock band from Simi Valley, California, formed in 1992. They are known mainly for their musical style, which fuses aspects of punk rock and metal to form their primary sound. They have released nine albums on Fat Wreck Chords and appeared on numerous compilations and skate/surf videos. They have played on the Warped Tour and continue to tour internationally. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Jason Cruz, guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos, bassist Jim Cherry and drummer Adam Austin.

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Me vs Hero

Me Vs Hero are a North West England based British "Popcore" 5 piece. Beatdowns that tear your face off, Gang shouts to empty your lungs clean out and melodies more explosive than a nuke! MvH are all bout their friends and families, and are dishing out their raw passion and enthusiam in bucketloads. Sit back and hold tight... you're in for one hell of a ride! Sam - Main Vocals
Mike - Bass / Backing Vocals
Ross- Guitar / Backing Vocals
Oli - Drums / Backing Vocals

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