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Carpathian is:
Martin Kirby: Vocals
David Bichard: Drums
Lloyd Carroll: Guitar
Josh Manitta: Guitar
Ed Redclift: Bass Since forming on Victoria Australia's Mornington Peninsula in 2003, Carpathian have been an indestructible force on unstable ground. Hampered by incessant line-up changes, they've nonetheless managed to assert their dominance in the Australian hardcore pack. Releasing their debut EP through Washed Up label in 2005, they were signed to Australian label Resist, who issued the acclaimed full-length album "Nothing to Lose" the following year.

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The newest band signed to Roadrunner Records is Southern California's Heartist: vocalist Bryce Beckley, guitarists Jonathan Gaytan and Tim Koch, drummer Matt Marquez and bassist Evan Ranallo. Their self-produced, six-song EP, Nothing You Didn't Deserve, will be available on iTunes on October.

Heartist on

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Australian HOLY TERROR hardcore band from Brisbane. Featuring members of Against.
For fans of Ringworm, Integrity and In Cold Blood. Their self-titled album was released by Frequency Deleted Records on October 31, 2009.

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Friday First

Fridayfirst are a melodic hardcore rock band from Perth, Scotland. they mix various styles and influences to convey their sound which is a mix of vibrant melodies, powerful screaming, thunderous break downs, sweeping solos, intricate structures and much more. Their live show is a picture of pure energy, passion and a whole hearted belief in what they do,
for fans of bands such as Underoath, comeback kid, chiodos, TDWP, (Early) FFAF and Biffy Clyro - Fridayfirst are out to get their message across to whoever they can through a view to some heavy releases and touring early next year.

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For Today

From Sioux City, Iowa, a beast whose ferocity and aggression is rivaled only by its poise and focus. For two years For Today have clawed and scraped their way into the spotlight. Seldom is there to be found a band whose passion and integrity are matched by their technicality and musical merit. As forthcoming about their faith as they are about their musical prowess, vocalist Mattie Montgomery sums up the band’s mission: "This has nothing to do with music and everything to do with our faith in Christ.

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1. Canadian metalcore band
2. Brazilian melodic metal group. 1. Hailing from and having conquered little more than Ontario's little dirty Hammer, Counterparts is prone to strike the unexposed with an implement of more impact, more complexity and greater deftness with their debut full-length release of “Prophets” in early 2010.

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