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Five Star Prison Cell

Dubiously labeled a "Tech metal", or "Math Rock" band, Five Star Prison Cell offer a different and non-conformist approach to songwriting. Brutally heavy, Dark and forboding with the ability to switch time, pace, genre and style at the drop of a hat; Adam, Cam, Mark and Marc take great pleasure in constantly challenging themselves while at the same time serving up a dish of fresh new and always evolving ideas to their unsuspecting but ever growing fan base.

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Indica ritual

Indica Ritual are a five piece band from liverpool who make intricate and progressive pop music. Their style encompasses elements of avant/math rock and synth pop resulting in a brightly coloured and hyper-active vision of pop music Their first release was an ep, "Four blockheads go pop", at the beginning of 2006, with a single, "Tradeshow / Looking for Derek" in october 2007, both self-released. Last year saw Indica Ritual take to the stage with everyone from 2manydjs to Ponytail. An album is slated to appear in summer 2009. Tags: 
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From Ireland... 'mojoFURY'. The perfect moniker for the feisty, frisky rock of the Lisburn quartet. Their devastating sonic attack of bass, guitars and drums annihilating audiences with their loud, yet melodic sound. A four headed rock beast with a voracious appetite for heavy riffs, pounding drums and thumping bass lines, mojo fury will chew you up and spit you out, yet make you happy they did so. the tearing rasp of nirvana is coupled with the tight industrialism of NIN to form a perfectly honed rock animal.

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There is more than one artist under the name of Cleric 1.) A four piece from Philadelphia, Cleric's music mixes elements of grindcore, avant garde composition, doom and... something else entirely? Influenced by other metal pioneers such as Meshuggah, Converge, Fantômas, and Neurosis, their music zeroes in on a level of brutality and experimentation that a single band rarely maintains even for a few seconds.

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The Rodeo Idiot Engine

Whether it’s with their chaotic hardcore urgency, or uniquely powerful shows, the true grit of The Rodeo Idiot Engine will move you. Merging a loud, energetic, and emotional outpouring into one untamable and violent hardcore machine. After few shows, they have recorded their first EP, released during April 2010 and made a European Tour through France, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Their first full length will be recorded by Baptiste Bouchard (My Own Private Alaska, Selenites, 8Control, Senor Flores.

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February 8 2007: The trashy nightclub had sold out hours before hand. The supports have been and gone. The lights were dim and there was a hum amongst the crowd. Friends had been talking about the first show for well over a year. The anticipation was swelling as people were jostling for position. When the first stomach-churning chord rung out there was no denying things would be different from that point on.

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Zeus! is an italian heavy experimental duo composed by Luca Cavina (Calibro 35, Transgender, Hellish, Pornoise, Pixel Johnson, Beatrice Antolini) on distorted bass and Paolo Mongardi (Transgender, Rebelde, Il Genio, Jennifer Gentle, Mortuaria, Taunt/State Of The Art Living Dead) on distorted drums.

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Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes

Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes are an instrumental progressive psychedelic rock band based in Sydney, Australia. Founding members Phil McCourt (guitar) and Alex O'Toole (drums) met in high school and produced music with several collaborators under different names, including Felonius Funk, Suspicious Fishes, Oyster Moisture and Dr. Gonzo. In 2005 they were joined by Hugh Munro (bass) and a singer, and recorded an EP under the name Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes.

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The band has undergone many transformations in the time since we made the move to Australia. We said goodbye to a member, shed the old skin and engaged a new approach. Now we feel like this ever-changing mechanism has finally shifted up a gear. Kallie - Vocals (2005-2007)
Alex - Guitar (2006-2008)
Otis - Drums (? - 2011) Ben - Guitar
Matt - Bass
Swampy - Sampler/Guitar, Drums

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