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Pure Evil Trio

One of the best hardcore/post-hardcore/post-powerviolence/screaming/gut-wrenching awesomeness/whatever bands in Australia, it consists of Aaron Clarke on guitar and vocals, John Irish on drums, and Abel Cross on bass and vocals. Roughly based in Sydney.

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2-piece noisegrind from sydney, australia. formed 2008
9 track demo 2009
13 track digipak CD "i am become" 2010
9-track mini-CD EP 2011 - available through mathias huxley - throat, strings, samples;
muzz - blasts

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There is more than one artist under the name of Cleric 1.) A four piece from Philadelphia, Cleric's music mixes elements of grindcore, avant garde composition, doom and... something else entirely? Influenced by other metal pioneers such as Meshuggah, Converge, Fantômas, and Neurosis, their music zeroes in on a level of brutality and experimentation that a single band rarely maintains even for a few seconds.

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Serious Beak

The instrumental, Sydney-based quartet Serious Beak represent an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and poly-rhythmic discordant music. Their style is marked by compulsion; by weaving, complex compositions and mind-bending opposing rhythms, which speak to the attention-deficient crowd as much as progressive and math music aficionados. Serious Beak

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