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1. Scouts is a post-hardcore/pop-punk band from the North West of England. 2. Scouts is a quartet from Kansas City, Missouri that made a name for themselves in the region from 2007 - late 2009. After two rigorous national and multiple regional supporting tours Scouts found themselves being courted by a few labels and agencies in early 2009. In the Spring of ‘09 the band relocated to Kansas City from the buzzing college town of Columbia, MO and began pre-production/ recording demos.

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Fire At Will

This southwest Virginia four-piece draws stylistic cues from mid-nineties punk mixed with ska, hardcore, and metal. Much like their musical influences, their lyrical content runs the gamut as well. Songs about zombies, video games, and daytime television hosts are mixed with songs about more serious topics. Fire At Will is musically unique, often amusing, and always entertaining.

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The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are six dudes from the Philadelphia area and are here to bring you some all around fun filled (to the maximum level) pop-punk. Since their inception in 2006 they have already put out 4 releases including their debut Full Length “Get Stoked on It!” as well as a demo, a split EP and a tour EP. The Wonder Years have played with such bands as Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Reign Supreme, Valencia, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, I Am The Avalanche, Crime in Stereo...

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The professional part(y)... After sharing the stage in various punk bands; 2009 saw four friends with similar dreams come together to write and record some of the most fun, heartdriven and diverse songs in Australian punk rock. Drawing influence from the greater world of music, the band has managed to create a sound which clashes with many a genre; yet always carries the passion of its driving p...unk rock roots.

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