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From The Tracks from Karlstad, Sweden formed in September 2008, made up of ex-members of Ends like this, New Hope For Breakfast and Sicktrick. Their début album, THIS MACHINE AND I was released in early 2009 as a free download, their second album Recover was released in September 2009 after their first European tour.

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Atlas Losing Grip

In 2005, when the melodic punk-scene in Sweden was almost completely dead, they appeared.
Atlas Losing Grip rose from the ashes and their debut-album "Shut the World Out" took them touring around Europe. Satanic Surfers lead singer and frontman Rodrigo Alfaro, who had appeared as a guest vocalist on the debut-album, was recruited in 2008.
Things fell into place and the group was completed.
As a five-piece they recorded the MCD îWatching the Horizonî. The result? Five brilliant tracks. And for the first time in a years, Swedish punk rock felt alive and real.

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"Blender" is shared by several artists/bands, but there is currently no info about all of them. One of them is a group from Sweden started in 2002 by Lasse Lundberg. The other bandmembers are:
Maria Persson
Magnus Åkerlund
Robert Norberg
Rikard André Their official website (currently Swedish Language only) is:

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Broken Aris

Broken Aris is a fourheaded skatepunkmachine from northern Sweden. When founded in the city of Sundsvall in the winter of 2006/2007 we began our mission to speed up the world. Now, 4 years, 4 releases and tons of gigs later we still try to figure out what the hell we're doing. We sure like it though.

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Smooth jazz inspired vocals to Drum & Bass style grooves, Downbeat, and even soulful electro. Although the word "lounge" has been associated with a certain genre of music, the trio of musicians Marco Drewes, Niels Hesse, and singer Darrin Huss have taken it on as their moniker to redefine it's meaning and present the listener with an audio style and attitude all their own.

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No Contest

Alright!This No Contest from Grimsby and they are just trying to make decent hardcore punk to raise your fist and stamp your feet to! Just breaking in virgin vocalist rick and will be destroying stages near you soon. Check out the new ep "Static Motion" now! Members:
Rick - Lungs
Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Pete - Bass/Vocals
Sime - Drums

If your interested in putting them on or finding out about future shows
check out the band camp or give them a shout out on face book

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1) Randy are a band from Hortlax, Sweden, formed in 1992. They are inspired by older punk bands as The Misfits and Ramones. So far, they have released six albums. The latest album is called Randy the Band. Randy have been dropped from their previous label burning heart records - popular label based in Sweden, and are currently seeking a new label. ------------
Real bands are hard to find nowadays, but Randy is definitely the real deal. When members in other bands happily avoid each other after a long tour, Randy go on vacation together.

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