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U.S. Bombs

The U.S. BOMBS have been through hell. To look closely at the bands turbulent history, you would swear they had a curse on their heads. In the last year alone the band has suffered some lethal blows (fist fights and band break-ups) and broken hearts (the loss of childhood friends and loved ones) that should have ended them.
When the U.S. BOMBS started playing, they would play gigs wherever they could plug-in.

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Black Flag

Black Flag is an American band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California, United States, largely the brainchild of Greg Ginn, the guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple personnel changes. Keith Morris was their original lead singer. He left the band suddenly in 1979 to form the well-known band, Circle Jerks. Ron Reyes was the second singer for the band, but decided to leave the band not too long after. Dez Cadena would be their next singer, but switched to second guitar when they found fourth and final singer Henry Rollins in Washington D.

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No Contest

Alright!This No Contest from Grimsby and they are just trying to make decent hardcore punk to raise your fist and stamp your feet to! Just breaking in virgin vocalist rick and will be destroying stages near you soon. Check out the new ep "Static Motion" now! Members:
Rick - Lungs
Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Pete - Bass/Vocals
Sime - Drums

If your interested in putting them on or finding out about future shows
check out the band camp or give them a shout out on face book

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Smooth jazz inspired vocals to Drum & Bass style grooves, Downbeat, and even soulful electro. Although the word "lounge" has been associated with a certain genre of music, the trio of musicians Marco Drewes, Niels Hesse, and singer Darrin Huss have taken it on as their moniker to redefine it's meaning and present the listener with an audio style and attitude all their own.

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Rebuke is a melodic punk / hardcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has been around since 2003. Their brand of music has it's roots in the mid 90s californian punk rock scene, but is blended with a bit of hardcore and a few slices of metal riffs, to form a distinct sound. Lyrically they cover everything from politics to personal topics, always in a sophisticated manner to fit the music like a glove.

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