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All Forgotten

All Forgotten are a 5 piece rock band from woking in surrey. We take in a number of influences and inspirations, be they musicial, artistic or just the trials and tribulations of life to write and play what we want to hear. We've been lucky enough to play with the likes of Drop Dead Gorgeous, Burn Down Rome, We Are The Ocean and even played a few dates on the road with You Me At Six and Flood of Red. We write music for ourselves, and we think it's rad that people like hearing our stuff as much as we love playing it.

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There are 7 Bands releasing under the name Error 1.) American Error released an EP in 2003 on Epitaph, the group was comprised of members from several other bands all working together to make something new and different from their other bands. The result was an industrial sound with elements of rock, punk and contempory electronica with an aggressive vocal style. Error comprised of:
Atticus Ross (of Nine Inch Nails/12 Rounds)
Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion)
Leopold Ross (of Nojahoda)
Greg Puciato (of The Dillinger Escape Plan)

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Driven by a passion for the music that defines them, Amberain have been stunning crowds with their unique brand of modern heavy rock. After working with Sonny Truelove of STL Studios (Before Their Eyes, Sienna Skies, Angelas Dish), their debut EP “Empires” has received phenomenal support with locals, and a variety of online social sources. Their energetic live show has earned them a strong reputation within their local scene with impressive attendance records and a steadily growing fanbase.

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The Quickening

The Quickening were borne a 3 piece punk band some 12 years ago in Brisbane Australia, and for that reason have had trouble shaking their image as a punk band, all be it a increasingly outdated one.
The Quickening have always been renouned for their technical proficency, both in a live and recorded capacity. The addition of a 2nd guitarist in 2007 gave the band an opportunity to solidify their technical prowess and develop their ever broardening style. And to be cocks....

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4 Dead

.... sounds like the end of the earth.... tastes like chicken. "Ultra-violenthardcore/metal band 4DEAD are Canberran quintet with enough firepower to topple Parliament House. Violent and pummelling, they're the musical equivalent of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast. Banned from most venues in the nation's capitol, thanks to their chugg hardcore and mosh-metal sound (not to mention the insanity it can often insight), 4DEAD are a band who put their bodies on the line every time they take the stage, delivering a dangerous and theatrical show where anything can (and has been known to) happen.

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