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Formed 1994, bIRdbATh evolved from 3 bored teenagers into today's Bristol based 4 piece. Initially jamming and recording it into a beat up mono tape machine. bIRdbATh played their first gig in Taunton's main youth club, the people there were both shocked and impressed. That was in early 1996.
There the band went into the first hiatus of their 'career', not appearing again until 1999 where they got together for the Hamp festival in Bridgwater, playing from the back of a grocers lorry!

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In a Memory

Genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore Members: Nick - vocals
Terence - guitar
Shaun - guitar
Reece - bass/vocals
Jamie - drums Hometown: Sunbury, Victoria Hailing from the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. In A Memory are looking to make a big statement on a stale local scene. After a busy year gigging around Melbourne, Geelong and the surrounding suburbs, this quintet are generating alot of buzz amongst the public and building a solid fanbase.

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"Well for one thing, your body is made of them. DNA, the genetic blueprint that defines people and other living things, is a polymer. So are the proteins and starches in the foods we eat, the wheels on our skateboards and in-line skates, and the tires on our bikes and cars. In fact, we’re surrounded by polymers every day, everywhere we go." Hailing from Hertfordshire, UK and formed late 2009, we are Polymers, a British alternative rock band looking for new shapes and sounds.

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The newest band signed to Roadrunner Records is Southern California's Heartist: vocalist Bryce Beckley, guitarists Jonathan Gaytan and Tim Koch, drummer Matt Marquez and bassist Evan Ranallo. Their self-produced, six-song EP, Nothing You Didn't Deserve, will be available on iTunes on October.

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The Snakes

There are three artists with this name: 1) UK band The Snakes: It all began in 2002 with Messrs Moor and Davies deciding to mess around with a few tunes for a bit of fun. Without intending to take it much further, there emerged a batch of songs, which, with mates Dan Tilbury on drums and Alex Culpin on bass, created a fire that few could resist dancin round. Headlines followed at the Borderline, Jazz Caf

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There is at least two acts called Tang: 1) Tang was formed during the Autumn of 1997 and established its first line-up during the Winter of 2000. That time marked a renewal of activity for the outfit, and an ever-growing willingness to advance with their music was born. The group released several demos, including a 3 track CD, given as a freebie, that astounded critics all over France. "Tang has a talent to grab your guts when the first chords are strummed, and the overall atmosphere is really emotional."

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Hell Is For Heroes

Hell Is For Heroes were a British band who formed in Camden, London, in September 2000. Will McGonagle and Joe Birch were previously in the band Symposium. After leaving their record label EMI in 2004 following the Payola scandal, they released their second album independently before signing a deal with Burning Heart Records, who subsequently re-released it in 2006. The band's third (self-titled) album was released in June 2007. September 2000 Hell is For Heroes formed
January 2001 1st gig at the Half Moon, Putney

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There are two (and quite possibly more) bands by the name Julia, 1) Julia was an american / band, active in the mid 1990's.
Their style resembled the frantic sound of eastcoast (more specifically DC) emo, complete with octave chords and dark, yet melodic, basslines, thundering and slow drumming and intensly emotional vocals. On many occasions it sounded like Mathew was about to break down. Some members were playing on Lumber. Members:
Mathew Yeager (Vocals)

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