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Just!DontPanic are a five piece band with a tendency of genre jumping throughout their sets, playing Punk with an Indie tinge jumping straight into a cover of 'Forgot About Dre'. They love a party environment fuelling off the energy of the crowd. The search for this love has taken them to headlining 'The Manchester Academy 3' their local venue 'The Box' as well as crashing house party's and even putting a show on in a SHED (a big shed!) The band consists of Brad (Vocals), Jordan (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Stu (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Allistair (Bass) & Arrow (Drums).

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We Stand Victorious

We Stand Victorious are a hardcore influenced pop-punk band, based around Wakefield & Huddersfield late 2009. They have shared the stage with the likes of DissolvedIN, Ship To Shore, All Or Nothing, The Swellers & Deaf Havana! Compared to the likes of A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

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At The Skylines

At The Skylines was formed in 2009 and play a melodic not your usual post-hardcore. They're all based in Southern California around Huntington Beach. They produced a self titled EP in 2009 with producer Kris Comeaux. They're a six-piece band who write from their souls. They recently got signed to Roadrunner Records and their debut album will be named "The Secrets To Life" and its set to release May 8.

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Too Soon!

Too Soon! is a band from Melbourne, Australia. Their music is best-described as being influenced by alcohol and the well-intentioned encouragement of friends. They enjoy playing their instruments poorly, making bad decisions, long walks on the beach, living with regret and the bassist's cat, Peppy Hotdogs.

Too Soon! on Last.fm.

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South Paw

from santa cruz, CA, South Paw consists of two ladies anna and natalie. they really like to sk8board and scooter around the town while listening to am radio or nimrod on cassette. for our music, go to
south paw is also a hella hiphop project

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Your Last Drive

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We are Your Last Drive and we consist of Luke, Callum, Paul, Joey and the new addition Nathan. We're based in Lancaster, Lancashire. We have been active for roughly 6 months and are quickly progressing and spreading from our home town, with fans in many areas of the country and a few outside of it. It's definitely safe to say that our music is from the heart. We don't make what people want to hear, we make what we like as music, in our opinion, should be.

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The Side Project

The Side Project are a pop punk band from Washburn, Wisconsin. They released a 7-inch in 2009 called "New Brain" and a split 7-inch with The Transgressions in 2010 called "Stop Wasting My Time," both on Traffic Street Records. There's also an acoustic rock/progressive/hip hop group from Metro Detroit called SideProject.

Read more about The Side Project on Last.fm.

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Terrible Things

Terrible Things is Fred Mascherino (vocals,guitar), Aaron Van Allen (bass, backing vocals), and Steve Curtiss (drums). Nearly two years after releasing their self-titled debut, TERRIBLE THINGS returns as a three piece with two new faces. After a lot of thinking during his brief hiatus, Fred called on his sidekick Steve Curtiss from his previous band The Color Fred to replace Eppard.

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