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Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman is a professional guitar tutor and guitarist of Eternal Descent from Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
As an endorsee of Orange Amplifications (he even released a guitar tuiton DVD for them), ESP Guitars and Faith Acoustic Guitars he demonstrates his gear in clinics.
Besides his world wide fame is rocketing since he publishes hilarious guitar tuitons and reviews on his Youtube channel.
He recently produced and released his first solo EP Red Dream available via iTunes.
Due to his global fame he opened a web forum accessable at

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Andy Wood

Young rock/fusion virtuoso Andy Wood started out on the mandolin at the very tender age of 5. Coming from a very music-oriented family in east Tennessee, Andy's first musical love was bluegrass - learning how to play the mandolin and becoming a proficient musician from his grandfather (Paul Birchfield) and his cousin Brian Arrowood, who is a monster fiddle player and currently the band leader for country artist Mat Stillwell.

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Byron Johnston

Byron Johnston is gaining increasing acclaim for his unique brand of flamenco fusion and highly original artistic approach to guitar performance. He is rapidly becoming a rising star of the acoustic guitar in the UK music scene following the release of his debut album ‘Oceano’ which fuses elements of contemporary, world and flamenco guitar music and is currently available on iTunes.
His live gigs offer fearsome displays during which he leaves no part of his guitar unplayed. As a soloist he creates the effect of percussion, the ocean and many other sounds on the body of his guitars.

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Diamond Plate

DIAMOND PLATE formed in 2007 in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. DIAMOND PLATE unknowingly arrived at the right time, just as thrash-metal was beginning to make a huge comeback worldwide. Due to the ferocity of their music, coupled with a revived hunger for thrash, DIAMOND PLATE quickly established themselves as one of the top forces in the emerging U.S. thrash metal scene. A young but formidable three-piece, DIAMOND PLATE made their debut in early 2008 with their ferocious and critically acclaimed, “Mountains of Madness” E.

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Death And The Maiden

After relocating to Berlin from his native Panama, guitarist and composer Ernesto Schnack was looking for a way to filter his composition studies through his metal and progressive rock roots. His experiments led to Death And The Maiden and its debut EP, “A Metal Tribute To String Quartets”, in which he revisits string quartets by the great composers of the past and presents them in a new light; a very loud and aggressive light.

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Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola's highly celebrated career has spanned a wide range of emotions into a unique style embodying the artists world inspired influences. From the velocity and heat of his early solo efforts to the challenge and triumph of the "Di Meola / McLaughlin / De Lucia (Guitar Trio)", from the Brazilian explorations of "Cielo e Terra" and "Soaring Through A Dream" to the global romanticism and Tango inflection of Al's acoustic group "World Synfonia" (self titled debut) and the 2nd "World Sinfonia" recording Heart of the Immigrants.

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