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The Gents

There is more than one artist with this name. 1. The Gents were a UK mod revival band from the mid to late 1980s. The Gents recently re-released How It All Began on CD and is available here: see: =SINGLES= ==7" Singles== 1. 7" The Faker b/w Le Pink Panther - 1981 (double A-sided single) No pic sleeve. POSH001 2. 7" Schooldays b/w True Stories - 1982 (50 pic sleeves, for promotional use only. KOS6886

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PP Arnold

Pat Arnold (born Patrica Ann Cole, on 3 October 1946, in Los Angeles, California), professionally known as P.P. Arnold, is an American born soul singer who enjoyed considerable success in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and beyond.

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The Downliners Sect

The Downliners Sect was a British rhythm and blues band of the beat boom era, formed in 1963 when the existing Downliners band split up. Stylistically, they were similar to The Yardbirds, The Pretty Things and the Rolling Stones, playing basic R & B on their first album "The Sect". They subsequently modified their musical style, and after an EP of 'sick' songs (eg 'I want my Baby Back') they experimented with both country ("The Country Sect") and rock ("Rock Sect's In").

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The Mockingbirds

There are two bands by the name "The Mockingbirds:" 1) The Mockingbirds were formed by Graham Gouldman in late 1964, following the breakup of the earlier Whirlwinds. The lineup included two fellow members of that band, bassist Bernard Basso and guitarist Steve Jacobsen, plus drummer Kevin Godley from another recently disbanded Manchester group, the Sabres. The stage was set for perhaps Britain's greatest should have but didn't band of the mid-'60s.

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The Aardvarks

According to the Searchin' For Shakes database there are four garage groups called the The Aardvarks.
1) One of the three American groups that used the name were from Muskegon and released a few singles. Probably their most well-known numbers is the blazing garage-psych tune "I'm Higher Than I'm Down", included on many comps (most notably Pebbles Vol 11).
2) In the mid-1980's, a London group called The Aardvarks got together.

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