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XII Boar

~ Stoner metal highs. ~ "XII Boar was formed in late February 2010 by three friends who wanted to play some kick ass rock n' roll influenced by bands like Crowbar, Down, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Motorhead and High on Fire.
They wanted to combine crushing riffs, with killer guitar solos and groove laden melodies. Released in January 2011, 'XII' is an immense slab of what XII Boar likes to call "Stoner Metal". It's available now as a free download and physical CD (available at gigs or on request).

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Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses’ crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. While the percussion/guitar/bass/vokills set to work on your viscera, your head is forcibly plunged down the rabbit hole and drenched in heavy psychedelia.

Spawned in the bleak woodland of Dorset, England, this three-piece has been disfiguring the innards of its army of devoted listeners since 2003 when original Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass + vox)...

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There seem to be four artists with this name: 1. Rhino is a Spanish sludge doom band formed in Bilbao, 2004. Now called Horn of the Rhino. With big experience on their backs and with influences of the most bestial rock, the sickest doom and the heaviest metal, born in Bilbao, Rhino, a band that delivers brutal and monolithic songs with blasting guitars, thundering apocalyptic drums and aggressive vocals.

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Adrift For Days

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Adrift for Days are an underground stoner/doom quintet playing a diverse mix of styles described as "smoked-out psychedelic dronefuzz". The band mixes a heavily psychedelic blues-based foundation with stoner rock, doom, sludge, post-rock, post-metal and drone. They cite their influences as Earth, Jimi Hendrix, YOB, The Doors, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Rosetta and Boris - amongst many others.

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Yep, the band's name is Lesbian. Why? Well, equally cool names like Black Sabbath, Venom and Pentagram were already taken. But also, the name Lesbian evokes pure, sexually charged freedom - and that's what music is all about. But enough about the name, let's talk about the Lesbian sound; it's heavy, melodic, dramatic and dynamic. The Seattle-based quartet's multifaceted debut album Power Hör on Holy Mountain Records heralds the birth of The New Wave of American Psychedelic Metal. Each of the album's four tracks shifts moods, dynamics and styles.

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1. French stoner/ hard rock/ hardcore band Denizen formed in south of France between Montpellier and Sète in 2003. After a first demo / EP and a first album, 'Far From Common Strategy' (2006) issued on the label Prototype Records, the group participates in a split tribute to Black Sabbath with the bands Illtemper and Stuntman. Denizen then appears on a compilation produced in collaboration by Prototype Records and the Temple of Noise fanzine which found among other Tantrum, Basement, Marvin or Year Of No Light.

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Formed in the last quarter of 2009, Snakerama are 3 guys from Cambridgeshire, UK with a shared love of all things heavy. Blending an intoxicating musical mix of stoner rock, hardcore, punk, alternative, and a cherry-picked selection of moments from their favourite metal sounds. Add to that the bands choice of song concepts: stories of weird and wonderful modern myths from favourite 70's sci-fi movies to real-life wonders like the Centralia Coal-Mine Fires which have been burning since the early 60's.

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There are two bands named Throne. The first is a three piece doom/stoner metal band from East London. They make slow, riff-laden facemelters. The second uses alternate casing in their name. There are three members that comprise tHrOnE. One of the most unique aspects of the band, besides their music, is that they are all related to each other. The band includes singer/songwriter and bassist Derek Trafton, his brother, drummer Casey Trafton and their cousin, guitarist/keyboards Justin Millar. tHrOnE was formed in 1995 and originally hails from Connecticut.

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