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There are two bands with the name Laser Beast. 1) Laser Beast is a four-piece from Leicester featuring ex-members of Public Relations Exercise and Her Name Is Calla.
www.daslaserbeast.bigcartel.com 2) Laser Beast is from San Jose, Calfornia, and is composed of Devon Hunter (To The Bottom of the Ocean) on drums and Joseph Oria (The Third Temptation of Paris) as the bassist/vocalist. They are a noise rock band a part of the San Jose local scene. They draw their influences primarily from Lightning Bolt and The Locust. www.myspace.com/laserbeastband

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Neil Brown

Neil Brown is an engineer living in (). To quote from his homepage - "Hello all, I'm an Engineer that likes to build strange machines, I live on a boat, and am into self sufficiency.". He no longer lives in a boat.
He has been in, or involved with, at least the following bands:- * 22 Metre Band
* Annual Dog Disco
* The Blue Smarties
* Bungalow Bill
* Cookery Club
* Discordia, a.k.a. The Infra Red
* Durham Ox Singers
* FPV, a.k.a. Fish Protein Vindaloo
* Gnarf!?

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Liam Clayton

Liam Clayton started writing songs for a new band in summer 2008 and continued to play acoustic gigs over the next year while living in Kingston Upon Thames. During 2009 he began recording with Jamie Ward at Park Farm studios, demoing full band tracks. His track 'Good Luck Mr Gorsky' was included on the Punktastic/Walnut Tree Records compilation Unscene 5, released on August 1st. The main influences for the band are the pop punk albums Through Being Cool, Is A Real Boy... Dear You, Take This To Your Grave and Your Favourite Weapon.

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Strauss (Tatsuki Hashimoto) is a electronic indie musician from Japan. or may refer to any of at least five classical composers: 1. Johann Strauss II (October 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899), Austrian composer, the son of Johann Strauss I (who was actually against his son's career as a musician) and also known as "the Waltz King". He revolutionized the waltz, elevating it from a lowly peasant dance to entertainment fit for the imperial Habsburg court.

Read more about Strauss on Last.fm.

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Herra Hidro

Herra Hidro are an alternative/progressive 3-piece from leicester. When formed their original name was Millsome, before it became The Texas Wranglers, before finally becoming Herra Hidro. They are quite a heavy band, and are not afraid to use plenty of digital effects pedals. They cite Reuben and Biffy Clyro as among their main influences, also having supported the latter

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Jelly Baby

Jelly Baby (1989-1992) Jelly Baby was a relaxed style of punk, funk, rock, jazz, psychadelic, metal, with a heavy does of fun added to their music. It was not uncommon for them to end up performing naked on stage, prior wearing daft lycra outfits. The original members resided in both Leicester and Nottingham, United Kingdom during the band's conception, in the late 1980's, but by the early 90's, they were Leicester based.

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Kevin Hewick

leicester (uk) based singer-songwriter.
The Factory Years The leicester based singer songwriter (who has seen a revival of interest in the mid 2000's and a new label, Burning Shed) was an early member of the factory Records roster. Following the death of Ian Curtis (lead singer in Joy Division), Hewick was trialed by Factory owner Tony Wilson, who placed him in the studio with the remaining members of Joy Division (Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris) and producer Martin Hannett to record the track Haystack.

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