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There are three artists by the name of Mine. A pop artist from Turkey, A swiss hardcore band that was around during the 90's and celtic style band from Japan. 1)Mine: 90’lı yıllarda Ajlan - Mine ikilisiyle hayatımıza giren Mine, uzun zamandır üzerinde çalıştığı “Benim Günüm” isimli maxi single’ını Mess Production etiketiyle 2009’un Mart ayında yayımladı. Albüm yapmadığı dönemlerde ağırlıklı olarak sahnede Latin ve Caz müziği icra eden Mine, bu çalışmasında ise günümüzün soundunu yansıtan yepyeni şarkılar hazırladı.

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There are lots of bands called Leech, all play variations of Rock: a Swiss experimental rock band, an Oregon black metal band, a Belgian Rock band, a Dutch Post-grunge/Rock band, a German Rock band, a Swedish Metal Band and an Estonian Alternative metal group. Swiss progressive rock / Instrumental Band Leech was formed in 1995 by Marcel Meyer (Guitar, Piano), Urs Meyer (Guitar, Piano) and Serge Olar (Drums).

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Charles Dutoit

Charles Édouard Dutoit (born October 7, 1936) is a Swiss conductor, particularly noted for his interpretations of French and Russian 20th century music. He has made influential modern recordings of Hector Berlioz's Roméo et Juliette and Maurice Ravel's ballets Daphnis et Chloe and Ma Mere l'Oye. Dutoit was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, studied there and graduated from the Geneva Conservatory where he won first prize in conducting, then he went to the Music Academy in Siena by the invitation of Alceo Galliera.

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Jojo Mayer

Jojo Mayer (born 18 January 1963) is a famous drummer from Switzerland who brings together jazz, drum and bass, jungle, and other influences. He lives in New York City. He is famous for his one-handed roll, which he calls the "push and pull" (also called "open-close"). Like many other drummers in his style, one of his main influences is Buddy Rich. He has also a complete mastery of the heel-toe technique. He is known for his technical proficiency with drums.

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Highfish was founded 1996. In 2000 they released a first EP Round Robin, and in 2003 the second EP Ride On was released on Little Jig Records.
The second EP also contained what you could call a "hit-single", namely Rip Tide, for which (only) in 2003 (!) they were awarded with the "Kick Ass Award" from Radio 3fach and in 2004 they received the "Diesel-U-Music-Award" at the M4M Demotapeclinic.

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Edd Holmes, better known in the Drum & Bass scene as Optiv, first started his music career in the early 90s working at Dance 2, his local record shop in Guildford. At about the same time he was learning his production skills at SAE in London and also found time to hold a weekend job of assistant engineer at Ministry of Sound nightclub. Having completed his studies, he became a main player for the Drum & Bass outfit Pressure Rise.

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There are 2 bands with the name Ventura. (1) Ventura (Switzerland) - Phil (Guitar, Vocals); Mike (Drums) and Diego (Bass) - is a three piece from Switzerland founded in summer of 2002. Ventura has shared stage with fine acts such as The pAper chAse, Medications, Cat On Form and Scumbucket. In 2005, the band released two 10'' splits vinyl on Get a Life Records. The first split was shared with the mighty swiss band Disco Doom and the second with the brutal Cortez. In 2006, Ventura released its first full length Pa Capona.

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Living Room

There is more than one artist with this name. 1. A Prague band formed in 2003.
2. A Swiss singer-songwriter group formed in 2004. 1. Living Room is Prague band formed in 2003. Its style encompasses elements of indie, rock, pop and alternative. "It makes no sense to try to exactly define the band's style, because what may be perceived as pop in Britain is very often taken as alternative here in the Czech Republic and additionally, those who claim to play pop here...

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The Powermetal Band Ravenheart was established by Roger (vocals and drums) in 1997.
Suitable band members were found quickly with Greg (guitar), Marco (guitar), Luca (bass) and Bea (key). After several concerts and the fist demo CD ‘Timeless Knights’ Ravenheart worked on producing
a full-length album. During the time of recording Luca was tragically taken away from us in 2006 and the whole production was put on hold.

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