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Kaka is the newest up-and-coming dancehall star in Denmark. Kaka is about to conquer Denmark with his charismatic flow, his positive energy, his contagious smile and playful approach to life. For several years he has been a part of Youngblood Sound and latest he has joined forces with Donkey Sound. In 2007 Kaka got his debut on the music scene, live and online with various strongly popular YouTube clips and since then the expectations have been high. He has been collaborating with several well known artist before he chose to go solo.

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RABBITS is a power trio from Portland, Oregon. The band comprises one drummer (KG) and two guitarists/vocalists (Sethro and Booze). RABBITS has been described as sludge, hardcore, punk, and thrash, or amalgamations thereof which may be succinctly characterized as “moonshine metal” for the simple, potent, dirty, and often chaotic concoctions RABBITS brews. RABBITS began playing shows in 2005 and began releasing records (vinyl only) in 2006: the self-released “Sloth vs. Bees” 7-inch and the “Lungs” 12-inch split with Under Mountains on Eolian Records.

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There are at least three artists which use this name
1. A noisecore / sludge band from the United States
2. An alternative rock band from the United Kingdom
3. A drum and bass producer 1) Cable is an American band formed in 1994 in Rockville, CT. Though they have changed their style over the years, Cable was originally part of the first wave of bands playing in the so-called style (as it later became known), combining a / aesthetic with a rhythmically complex, often discordant metal-influenced musical approach.

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Will Haven

Sacramento 4-piece outfit whose blistering sounds are considered to be influential in the development of the post-hardcore scene. The band started off with a ferocious self-titled EP (which was re-released posthumously), and following that the band made 3 quality albums, 'El Diablo', 'WHVN' and 'Carpe Diem'. The title track of the latter was the only single to have a video made which featured Deftones singer Chino Moreno. A live DVD, 'Foreign Films', is also available, which features the last gig the band did before the original split, at Capitol Garage, Sacramento in February 2003.

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Zombie Militia

Zombie Militia are a Heavy Metal band based in Inverness. Drawing influence from a lot of great bands and people from all over. The key words to describe the Zombie Militia sound are definitely OLD and SCHOOL. No nonsense, in your face, break your neck head-banging sort of stuff. So if you're sick of hearing the same old generic rubbish a lot of so-called metal bands have been churning out over the past couple of years come check us out.

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After their first EP, ‘East’, they returned in 2006 with their Black Market Activities debut full-length ‘I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die’. 'He Is Never Coming Back' was released Nov 10, 2009. At some moments, Gaza are nearly as overwhelming in their rage and misanthropy as Khanate or Today is the Day, with all instruments (voice included) howling out in mad agony at the world around them. Politics, society, religion—their music is the aural effigy of that which they despise.

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There are five bands called Geisha. One of them is a British noiserock band from Bristol, known also as Geisha Noise Research Group ( The second is a Finnish pop group from the 80's. The third is another 80's band desribed below. The fourth are from London/Brighton. The fifth are a rock combo from Trondheim, Norway. For the latter, visit

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