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There is more than artist with this name: 1. An occult death metal band from Brisbane, Australia (formed in 1998, disbanded in 2004). Released a split album with fellow countrymen Stargazer in 1999. Shared members with Portal. 2. A progressive/polyrhythmic math metal solo project created by Tom Still, formed in Milton Keynes, England. Heavily influenced by experimentation within audio recording and the likes of Periphery, Tesseract, Fellsilent and Meshuggah...

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Animals as Leaders

Animals as Leaders is a Washington, D.C. based instrumental progressive metal project by guitarist Tosin Abasi. Their self-titled debut album was released in April 2009 by Prosthetic Records. Animals as Leaders was formed "out of the ashes" of guitarist Tosin Abasi's previous band, Reflux. The heavy metal record label Prosthetic Records saw Abasi's guitar work and asked him to create a solo album for them.

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Xerath is a new cutting edge band combining crushing Meshuggah style riffs with epic orchestral composition. Their sound can be described as taking influence from Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah and Dimmu Borgir to create a distinctive sound they call "orchestral groove metal" (or chug-score!) Formed in 2007 by guitarist Andy Phillips, drummer Michael Pitman, bassist Owain Williams, and later joined by Richard Thomson on vocals.

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Shattered Skies

SHATTERED SKIES is a melodic groove metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. The band consists of vocalist Sean Murphy, bassist James Dunne, drummer Ross McMahon and guitarist and keyboardist Ian Rockett. The band's music is an attempt to combine heavy, groove metal riffs with powerful melodies and a lush atmosphere, influenced by anything from film scores to dance/trance music. Shattered Skies are attempting to genuinely offer something unique and interesting to the table. Groove metal with atmosphere, melody and good musicianship and songwriting.

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There are FIVE bands/artists that use the name Megalodon. -Megalodon is a progressive/math/djent metal 5-peice from Cape Town, South Africa.

Megalodon (named after a song from Mastodon's "Leviathan") was spawned by the creative minds of Ruan Jordaan and Nuri Grobbelaar. After discussing the project for a few years it has finally been given life.

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