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The Empires

The Empires were first formed in 2002 by Terrence Kramer (songwriter, vocals, guitar) and James Strachan (bass, guitar) who grew up together listening to 70s prog-rock and early jazz-fusion. Various musical projects later, John Hall (drums), formerly of By Divine Right, and Graham Walsh (guitar, synthesizers) of Flux AD and Holy Fuck joined Kramer and Strachan to make up The Empires.

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Blu & Exile

Blu is definitely a leader in the new school of Los Angeles emcees. His presence is undeniable, while his music captivates audiences regardless of race, class, and gender. His delivery flows flawlessly, while his content reflects the joy and pain of working class youth everywhere. Exile is a producer, DJ and occasional emcee previously known for being a member of the duo Emanon, along with Aloe Blacc. His style of production is known for its "laid back soulful vibes" and is influenced by such producers as J Dilla and Madlib.

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The early birthing pains of O’ Brother saw Michael Martens, Johnny Dang, and his brother Anton Dang joined in making quiet climbs from graceful notes , a struck pose to an older guitar focused indie-rock. But as is the duty of all freshman bands members fade off and new friends, like Tanner Merritt and Aaron Wamack, joined establishing a new vision, and accidentally stumbling into the dark 2009 debut EP The Death of Day.

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Emo hardcore from Prague with current/ex members of Lakmé, Dakhma, Jednota, gattaca, !úl.., Marnost, osawatomie etc. with strong emphasis on DIY ethics, politics (yet in personal way), veganism etc., Releases (everything can be downloaded from remek website):
July 2010 - Demo CD-r (Self-Released)
July 2011 - Demo 7" EP (Dog Lovers Records)
August 2011 - Flexi 7" EP (Self-Released & Revolution Summer Records)
November 2011 - Songs for the DIYcore 12" vinyl compilation (DIYcore)

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MOTO stands for Masters Of The Obvious. Pretty much it's Paul and whoever is playing with him at the time. Some people think Paul's lyrics are too dirty but most people think they are funny. MOTO write songs that are catchy. That's all that really matters. It all got started in the early 80's in New Orleans. But then Paul moved somewhere else. MOTO have released dozens of albums, some cassette only, some CDs, some are little vinyl discs like this one. You've probably never heard of MOTO. It's a good thing that now you know.

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