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Emo hardcore from Prague with current/ex members of Lakmé, Dakhma, Jednota, gattaca, !úl.., Marnost, osawatomie etc. with strong emphasis on DIY ethics, politics (yet in personal way), veganism etc., Releases (everything can be downloaded from remek website):
July 2010 - Demo CD-r (Self-Released)
July 2011 - Demo 7" EP (Dog Lovers Records)
August 2011 - Flexi 7" EP (Self-Released & Revolution Summer Records)
November 2011 - Songs for the DIYcore 12" vinyl compilation (DIYcore)

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Black Poets

With more than a passing visual resemblance to San Francisco rock outfit BRMC, Black Poets brings with them the appeal of boys in leather jackets, English accents, playing soaring post-punk rock with guitars. Cutting their teeth on the UK live circuit over 2007-2008 has left Black Poets with an enviable reputation for their live act and repertoire. Black Poets are a modest bunch of likely lads from London, England. In this purely for the music, they are completely in love with their sound and are often mistaken for being a New York band.

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Emperor X

Emperor X is a pop/noise/folk music project headed by American musician C. R. Matheny. The project often performs and records with little more than Matheny on an acoustic guitar and a dynamic microphone, but sometimes also employs large groups of musicians on percussion instruments, various electronic noisemakers, brass/woodwind/string ensembles, and traditional rock instruments. The lyrics of Emperor X songs have been described as simultaneously "hallucinatory" and "precise," and discuss subjects ranging from plate tectonics ("A Violent Translation of the Concordia Headscarp")...

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The early birthing pains of O’ Brother saw Michael Martens, Johnny Dang, and his brother Anton Dang joined in making quiet climbs from graceful notes , a struck pose to an older guitar focused indie-rock. But as is the duty of all freshman bands members fade off and new friends, like Tanner Merritt and Aaron Wamack, joined establishing a new vision, and accidentally stumbling into the dark 2009 debut EP The Death of Day.

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As many lucky teenagers from the late 80’s, Laurent Ash started as a bass player in a small High School band influenced by new-wave and pop music acts like Cabaret Voltaire, Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Simple Minds and discovered the art of sampling thru the first popular 8/16bits computers. Producing first for other artists in the early & mid 90’s, he joined the parisian label 20000ST in 2001 (which was responsible for the hit single of Demon “You Are My High”) to release one of his first hit singles “The Soul Of My Love …”...

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Orko are 4 young men from Gourock, just outside Glasgow, Scotland.
They're regularly compared to bands such as Hey Mercedes, Far and bands of a similar sound - as well as other Scottish bands such as Stapleton, Idlewild and Biffy Clyro; although few of these comparisons really ring completely true. Their debut album 'Creating Short Fiction' has been released on Gravity DIP Records and combines catchy chorus' with gorgeous layers of instrumentation, enhancing Orko's sound beyond that of a typical indie-rock 4-piece.

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