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Kytes are an Alternative Rock band from Lichfield UK formed in 2010. Kytes consist of Andrew Crowder on Guitar/Vocals, Niall Bradnick on Guitar, Rob Hobbs on Bass and Luke O'Brien on drums.
Kytes released their debut self titled EP for free on 19/6/2010. Available from
A Four Track EP titled "Ursa Major, the Great Bear" is set for release in February 2011. Find kytes on...

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Fe-Nix bring a fresh flavor of music-dirty pop, which is a new genre of inner city urban edge dance music. The four British girls are giving a voice to a new generation of
young, sexy, sassy and self-determined women. Each of them, however, hail from different backgrounds and their
musical influences span a wide spectrum. With amazing lyrics and funky new beats, these girls are sure to take
the UK charts by storm.

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There are three groups with the name Toe: 1. toe (Japanese band) is a Japanese / / music group. 2. Toe (American band) is a Chicago music group. 3. Toe (English band) is a experimental/noise rock band from Ipswich. japanese band : toe is a Japanese music group that formed in 2000. While mentioned in many circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists. The vast majority of the music is instrumental and features the swift and acute drumming of Takashi.

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Prisms are a 4 piece Math Pop band hailing from Lincoln, UK consisting of Jack Drake, Paul Howells, Robin Williams and Guy Chater.
They formed in October 2009 when they met while studying music at Lincoln College.
Fast becoming known for their use of genre spanning song sections, syncopated rhythms and odd time signatures, they're Influenced by the new wave of "Big Scary Monster and Holy Roar bands" such as Colour, Meet Me in St Louis, Tubelord and Youves. They are set to go the Lodge Recording studios (This Town Needs Guns, Deaf Havana, Mirror! Mirror!) in May to record their Debut EP. Tags: 
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Chalk Talk With no music scene in their area to speak of, Chalk Talk has risen to the challenge of being a decidedly DIY band. Within months of forming, the band, then consisting of dual vocalists Bryce Pulaski and Andy Kapinos on guitar and drums respectively, recorded a six-song demo entitled 'Killing Spree', threw together a few dozen copies on their own and hit the road for a week-long Northeast tour.

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There are multiple artists on with the name Colour: 1) A British math pop band.
2) An American shoegaze band.
3) The band later renamed Lemon Sun. 1) Colour is a four-piece math pop band from Kingston, United Kingdom. Vocalist Alan Welsh and guitarist George Reid met at college in the London suburb of Kingston. Delivering a sound filled with detail, harmonies, time signatures and tempo changes that shares the experimental English soul of a young Radiohead, Colour unwittingly found themselves driving a new wave of math pop from the low-key Surrey town.

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Venice Ahoy

Venice Ahoy are a pop band from Hampshire, England and are riding high on the current wave of new and exciting quality Pop music coming out of the UK. Comparisons have been made to the Gang of Four and Foals but their youthfulness and energy, especially live, has earned them a reputation that is second to none. They consist of Joshua Parker (vocals/bass), Harry Hajiantoni (guitar/vocals), Chris Peden (guitar/vocals) and Tristan Ritter (drums/vocals). They have played alongside Johnny Foreigner, Tubelord, BlakFish, The Maple State and Secondsmile to name a few.

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