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Skyharbor is a / band formed in New Delhi that started out as a simple bedroom studio project by guitarist Keshav Dhar. The band received a lot of buzz surrounding the band's first ever performance at the Bacardi NH7 Festival in Pune, India, where they played to over 1,000 people and were one of the weekend’s highlights. They released their debut album, Blinding White Noise : Illusion and Chaos, in 2012...

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1) Intervals is a technical metal project of Toronto-based guitarist, Aaron Marshal. Their first release, The Space Between, was made available on their BandCamp page on December 20, 2011.
2) Intervals were an alternative band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their debut EP "Wipe Your Tapes With Lightning" was released in 2008 and featured 5 instrumental tracks in varied styles of post-rock, whilst working from folk, ambient noise, rock and drone.

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Houston We Have A Problem

A band formed in 2004. Now broken up because the whole music scene became bullshit. And what better way to say fuck it than just breaking up?
All the members have new bands:

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There are three bands with the name Monuments: 1. The first was a minimal synth band from the early 80's. Members: Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella from Torino - Italy. 2. Monuments is a progressive\math metal band from UK.
Band's line-up:
John Browne - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, synths, production.
Neema Askari - Vocals, Backing Vocals 3. A progressive hardcore band from Germany (

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After several musical events linked to the international scene and media, Greg (guitars/samples/production), Did (bass/samples) and Tom (vocals) formed NEOSIS. They soon would be joined by Seb (drums) who brings the missing element to this entity. NEOSIS is an acronym which literally means New Evolution Of Society Influenced by Scientism. It's a conceptualized vision of a futuristic society in which humanity is scientifically organized.

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Stealing Axion

Stealing Axion is described as a progressive metal band hailing from Tacoma, Washington. Formed in early 2010, they have been working diligently on writing and recoring new, exciting and unique material that many listeners have described as "brutal yet melodic." After only a few short months of its inception, Stealing Axion has pushed a three song demo of their first upcoming album. The demo highlights their talent for naturally melding complex progressive rock with elements of death metal and fusion.

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