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Enemies were born from a burgeoning, artist led, Kilcoole DIY scene that has spawned and nurtured talents like Heathers, Adebisi Shank, Kidd Blunt and new-media mogul Dylan Haskins.
They released their debut EP Alpha Waves on Wexford based independent label Popular Records and toured nationwide extensively. The EP was picked up in Japan by independent label Macchu Piccu and the band went to Japan to support the release of this record, playing four sold out shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya.

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Yowie, a dual-guitar and drums trio from St. Louis, have been stunning audiences with their incomparable barrage of sonic kung fu. They accelerate the progressive-rock rhythmic sensibilities of Ruins and Magma and mutate them with the shrieker side of Big Black and Slayer. The band incorporates many variations in time signature, tempo, and tuning, to create a virtual audio maze, but no matter how complex things get, their compositions remain cohesive and compelling. After releasing their debut album Cryptooology on Skin Graft, they lost a guitarist.

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There are two artists named Castor. 1. Castor was an American indie rock/emo band from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Formed in 1994, they were known for their "fluid" sound, often changing time signatures several times in a song while maintaining the flow of the music. They released two albums, the first self titled in 1995, the second Tracking Sounds Alone posthumously in 1998. Both albums are now out of print and only available in digital format online. During their existence they toured with other influential Champaign-Urbana acts Braid and Hum amongst others.

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Tabula Rasa

There are several bands named 'Tabula Rasa': A Math Rock band, a Finnish progressive rock group, a medieval band, a Greek punk band active in the 90's, a reggae band from Poland, an acoustic/folk band from Birmingham, UK and a funk-rock band from Solothurn, Switzerland. The following text deals with the rock group: Tabula Rasa was one of the most influencial progressive rock groups of the 1970's in Finland. Tabula Rasa was formed in Kangasala, Finland, in 1972. The forming members of the group were Heikki Silvennoinen (guitar), Tapio Suominen (bass) and Asko Pakkanen (drums).

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Mat created Mons as an outlet for his lifelong love of sound. In particular, the sounds of fuzz boxes, drums, drum machines, vintage synths as well as the cheapest Casios, theremins, vocoders and randomly captured conversations comprise but a few of the tools in his arsenal. Over the course of 3 albums, including Stimulus Frequency For The Localization of Sound in Space, released in 2004, a wide array of sounds, textures and tones have resulted from his chaotic yet pure approach. Mons continues to be exclusively a studio recording endeavor from inside the confines of his Washington, D.

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There are two artists named Parlour: (1): Mid-west post-rock group
(2): Swedish project releasing balearic/cosmic edits With regards to (1):
Parlour grew out of the Kentucky art/post-rock scene that produced such talents as Slint, Papa M, the Kilowatthours, and My Morning Jacket. The group layers gentle guitar chords, warm synthesizers, and down-tempo beats with Krautrock influences for multi-textured grooves that would make perfect company for Tortoise.

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8 Bit Weapon

8 Bit Weapon is Seth Sternberger (AKA Naughtyboy) & Michelle Mitchell (AKA ComputeHer). Formed in 1999 and Inspired by classic video game soundtracks and electronic music from the 70s and 80s, 8 Bit Weapon delivers a sound that is as unique as it is original. They have performed their chip music across two continents using their arsenal of classic video game consoles and vintage computers as instruments..
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Inch was a pop punk/post-hardcore band from San Diego, CA, active from the early 1990's to 1998/9. Inch was Michael "Stimy" Stienman (Congress of the Cow, Brass Knuckles) on Guitar/Vocals, Dave on Drums & Christian on Bass. Former Members include Mike on Guitar, Pippen on Bass and Jeff Reese (Underminer) on Bass. Releases
1992 - Oxidizer b/w Coil 7" (Redemption Records, RED-7)
1994 - Linger b/w Nope 7" (Seed Records, SEED7)
1994 - Stresser CD (Seed Records, 14252-2)
1996 - Eugenics b/w Pick Me Up 7" (Atlantic Records, PR 6652/STA-80379)

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