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Right Hand Left Hand

The spiritual beginnings of Right Hand Left Hand occured when both members heard Trans Am for the first time in a dingy club in Groningen. While both members feature heavily in a number of Cardiff based bands, RHLH is the opportunity to break out on their own, experimenting with loops, random instrument swaps and attempting to find out how heavy is too heavy...

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Pattern Is Movement

Following their first three records, endless shows and tours (among them dates with friends St. Vincent, David Bazan, and The Forms), and the transition from five-to-four-to-three-to-two members, Pattern is Movement turned themselves inside out and made the record we‘ve all been waiting for: All Together. Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward embody the two-man wall of sound; it‘s music that‘s been a long time building, rising out of the ether of left-behind evangelical childhoods (see Jesus Camp), best friendship (kindled as kids listening to The Chronic), and life in Philadelphia.

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MUTEMATH is an band which formed in New Orleans, LA, United States in 2003. They consist of Paul Meany (vocals, keytar, keyboards, samples), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, percussion), Darren King (drums, samples), and Todd Gummerman (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). Since MUTEMATH released its first EP in late 2004 and hit the road in 2005, their inherent nature has challenged limitations and expanded parameters.

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