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Draconis Infernum

Draconis Infernum is a Singaporean black metal band that was formed in 2005 and released it's debut full-length album Death In My Veins in 2008. In August 2009, the band played at Barther Metal Open Air Festival 2009 (Germany), emerging as the third Black Metal band from Southeast Asia ever to set foot on the European shores. In December 2010, Draconis Infernum released a single entitled Proclamation of Encroachment and supported Swedish black metallers Marduk, on their Asian Black Death Redemption Tour for 2 dates in Indonesia, Semarang and Jakarta.

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1) Massive is the new full on trance psychedelic solo project of Davina Elmosnino (also the woman behind the projects Sirius Isnes and Davina). Davina, 29 years old, was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, a French island between Australia and New Zealand. She started to make music in the year 2000, and released her first track as Sirius Isness in 2003. Since then she made 3 Sirius Isness albums with Max Peterson, released on important labels such as Mind Control Records, Phantasm Records and Moon Spirits, and an impressive number of tracks for compilations all over the world.

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Impiety's diabolical birth began in January 1990 with : Shyaithan (bass/vocals), XXXul (guitars) and Iblyss (battery) under heavy influences of SODOM, early BATHORY, early SARCOFAGO, early POSSESSED, early MORBID ANGEL , INCUBUS (fl.), BLASPHEMY, SEXTRASH, etc. IMPIETY recorded & released a 5 song promo tape in 1992 entitled "Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration", despite it's low sound production , it was positively received and praised very well in the metal underground worldwide. In 1993, IMPIETY was signed-up by SHIVADARSHANA .

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There are 16 bands under the name Avalanche. 1.) Avalanche is Polish rock band. In this band plays: Bartosz Słatyński (vocal / guitar / fiddle), Michał Gołuchowski (bass), Tomek Gołuchowski (guitars), Sebastian Boba (drums). They have released 1 record: "Połączenie" in 2006. 2.) Avalanche is also a Norwegian popduo.
Kirsti Johansen (lead vocals / backing vocals), Kjetil Roesnes (Lead vocals / keyboards / guitars / programmings). They have released 2 albums: Avalanche (1990) and Westbound (1992). They are now recording their new AVALANCHE album, planned to be released 2006.

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There are two artists by this name: 1) A roots reggae group better known as The Gayladds, Maurice Roberts, Thaxter & Thaxter, featured on the Impact! compilation with the track "Rolling Stone". 2) Psalms perform music for the open-minded and are busy creating a loyal fan base for their refreshing new sound. The Psalms experience is already creating an addictive frenzy between the diverse group of fans that enjoy their music and live performances; it is quite unique unlike anything else you’ve ever heard.

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There are two bands with the name Netherealm
1) Black metal from Singapore.
2) Death/thrash metal from Australia 1) NETHEREALM (SGP) Last known line-up: Night - All Instruments, Vocals Former/past member(s)
Black Emperor - Session Drums on "Dark Winds of Asuras"
Zirkelloch - Session Bass & Vocals on "Dark Winds of Asuras" 2) NETHEREALM (AUS) Current line up: Gerad Biesboer - Bass Guitar
Jared Roberts - Drums
Ben Quin - Voice
Peter Cox - Guitar
Heath Smith - Guitar

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