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Arteriosus is a heavy, progressive, atmospheric, post-rock/metal band from Brighton, U.K
Their music incorporates ethereal soundscapes with long instrumental passages, epic vocals and crushing riffs. Formed in 2008 by Richard Allwood (guitar/vocals), Jaime Aldous (drums/synths/samples) and Tom Flint (bass). A four track Promotional Demo has been available on free download since early Summer 2009 and they plan on recording their first full length later in the year.

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Atmospheric Post-Metal from the UK, south coast.
Their debut EP can be downloaded from For 'Acres.' from Montclair, NJ. Change the name to Acres with a period after it, so it can scrobble to the correct artist! Thank you.

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There is more than one Damascus on 1. Damascus is an ambient instrumental metal band from New Jersey. Their debut album "Salutations, Distant Satellite!" was released in May 2011. A second ep, "Of Whom I Always Think", was independently released by the band on October 1st. A third, drone-based release entitled "prière d'espoir", was released on 7th November, 2012. 2. Damascus was a classic NWOBHM band based in Merseyside. They released the rare 'Open Your Eyes' 12" EP and a demo in 1984.

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Jakob is a New Zealand band, based in Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. The band consists of guitarist Jeff Boyle; bassist Maurice Beckett; and drummer Jason Johnston. They have been compared to such bands as Mogwai, Sonic Youth, and High Dependency Unit, though they largely eschew any vocals or samples in their songs. The band formed in July 1998, and began by opening for New Zealand bands Salmonella Dub and Pitch Black at the local pub O'Flaherty's.

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Originally formed as a two piece recording project in late 2002, Stitchthread became a live band in mid-2004 and recorded/gigged with several lineups until late 2008 before going on hiatus. The band reconvened in early 2010 and returned to gigging on July 30th. A retrospective six years gigging anniversary EP "We're Already Here" will be released later this year, with new recordings to follow. The present lineup consists of Mark Moreton (guitar/vocals), Andrew Hellebrand (guitar), Ian Cylkowski (drums) and Jim Thomas (bass/vocals).

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1) Kontinuum Icelandic Ambient Metal
Kontinuum started as the brainchild of Birgir Thorgeirsson, a founding and current member of dark metal act Potentiam. The seed of Kontinuum started way back in 2001 when Birgir teamed up with former Potentiam drummer Kristjan Heidarsson to record an EP called Burned and Battered under the band name Pornea. This was an experimental metal project mixing doom with punk and dark atmospheric metal.

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There are at least three artists that go by the name Ornaments: 1) A collective of musicians from Bowling Green, Ohio. Their self-titled EP of original Christmas songs was released as a digital download on December 19, 2009. 2) A three-piece indie-rock outfit from Ottawa, Canada. The members are: David (guitar and vocals), Casey (bass, vocals, keys), and Kevin (drums, percussion, vocals). They formed in the spring of 2009. Their first EP is due to be released sometime in late 2009. 3) An instrumental quartet from Italy, described as such on their MySpace page:

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