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The Unprotected

The Unprotected is a glam rock & roll band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in 2010. The Band consists of St. Dave (vocals), Ric (lead guitar) and Steve (rhythm guitar). "The Unprotected are spreaders of cunt rock - an exhilarating mix of musical misdemeanour and debauchery of pop metal proportions. These are not troubadour songs about chivalry and courtly love; instead, this motley crew deliver to you electrifying showmanship and balls to wall anthems on the holy trinity that is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

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Tattooed Millionaires

Tattooed Millionaires are a Glam Punk band out of Hollywood, California. Originally founded by Johnny Jetson, the group has had a rotation group of musicians with only Jetson staying constant. The band currently consists of Johnny Jetson on lead vocals and bass, Brian Badfinger on lead guitar, and Justin Sandler on drums. After bassist Maxx left in late 2005, Jetson switched from rhythm guitar to bass until a replacement is found.

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Hell in the Club

HELL IN THE CLUB is the name of the new rock'n'roll monster created by members of two of the most talented Italian heavy metal bands around: Secret Sphere and Elvenking.
Active since the middle 90's these two bands have written the history of Italian and International heavy metal with the release of many successful albums and with their presence on some of the most important metal stages. ANDY// Andrea Buratto, bass player of Secret Sphere had on his mind this rock'n'roll project for many years .

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Tracy Gang Pussy

It all started in 2002 in Paris, when Revlon a guitar player in love with Scandinavian rock n roll and US glam decided to form the 1st sleazy punk band in France. It took nearly a year of searching in Parisian streets and shabby strip clubs to find the right people who would be Tracy Gang Pussy. They soon record 2 demos and started touring in bars and small clubs of the capital (the band even opened for Skid Row in Paris).

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Pharoah played the role of the east coast’s tonic to the masses for the over saturated 1980’s L.A. Glam Scene. Pharoah was best known for their outrageous stage antics, half blond and half black hairdo's and beat-conscious rock ‘n’ roll. Armed with their self-indoctrinated credo “Sex, Glam, Gloom” the band would dominate the tri-state area’s music scene during the 1980’s.

With Pharoah being on everybody’s “A” list for record executive parties, (including guests like Paul Schaeffer...

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Helter Skelter

There are eight artists with the name Helter Skelter 1. A German Britrock band
2. A stoner/doom metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand.
3. A roots rock band from new york and new jersey:
4. Polish dark fetish electro band from Poznań.
5. A British pre-punk band.
6. An 1990s underground rave collective.
7. A rock band from Trondheim, Norway.
8. A solo project from Cheshire, United Kingdom.

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Teenage Casket Company

Rob Wylde-Vocals and Guitar,Jamie Delerict-Vocals and Guitar,Laney 74-Bass,Spike-Drums. Teenage Casket Company (or TCC short)were formed by Wylde and Delerict in Nottingham,England in January 2004.The band were completed by Bassist Laney 74 and Drummer Spike.
The band incorporates the Huge Chorus'Melodies and Hooklines of Late 80's/Early 90's Hair metal(BonJovi,Warrant,Poison),the Snarly,Snotty attitude of Late 80's punk(D generation...

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