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Guy Pratt

Guy Pratt is a well-known session bassist, songwriter, actor and comedian. He was born January 3, 1962 in London, UK, son of actor Mike Pratt. In 1996, Pratt married Gala Wright, the daughter of Richard Wright. Pratt is best known for his work as a session player. He has worked with Pink Floyd, The Orb, All Saints, Icehouse, Madonna, Roxy Music, Michael Jackson and Toy Matinee. He is a member of The Transit Kings with Alex Paterson (of The Orb), Jimmy Cauty and Dominic Beken.

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Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson started behind the decks before it was even trendy to be a DJ, and today can be credited as one of the people that popularised the art of DJ Mixing and remixing around the world. He was one of the first ever globally known superstar DJs. Back in the late 80s, a flyer with his name on it meant queues outside clubs like Legends in Manchester and the infamous Wigan Pier. Chad was one of the first British DJ to start DJ mixing in the early 80s.

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Clacket Lane

Clacket Lane are an exciting new indie/ rock act whose influences derive from progressive Seventies rock. They have been described as Coldplay in the 1970’s and proudly admit that their personal writing/ performing styles are from being brought up listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, then later on listening to more contemporary bands such as Coldplay, & Athlete. In 2006 Clacket Lane have played the University Circuit around the UK and have supported such acts as; Boy Kill Boy, Razorlight, & The Feeling.

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Mackley Drive

Mackley Drive are a five piece band from Essex. Their sound comes from a fusion of their influences. It's a sound that is both eclectic, and accessible. Known also to experiment with odd time signatures and complex chord structures, and with songs stuffed to the brim with pop hooks and melodies. Their lyrics deal with subjects such as isolation, religion, love, loss etc. These attributes combined helps to form a sound that is distinctly unique to them.

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Gosteleradio began as a studio project for Ben and Josh Strong in early 2009. The brothers started writing songs in a series of Melbourne rehearsal rooms and apartments. The idea to turn these proggy, disjointed sessions into a cohesive, fully independent album quickly developed. In June, good friend Marty Umanski was brought in to perform live drumming duties. Marty instantly transformed Gosteleradio from a studio project for Ben and Josh to a functioning three-piece band. Tags: 
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Lego Lepricons

Lego Lepricons is a Post Rock/Space Rock band from Israel.
It was founded in 2011 by singer and musician Yair Ziv and keyboard player Shlomi Maya. Lego Lepricons:Yair Ziv (vocals, guitars), Roy Messiah(drums) , Nitzan Berger (guitar and percussion), Shlomi Maya (piano, keyboard and programming). After launching his career in 2004 with the recording of the song "Boee (come to me)", one of the most successful and most played songs in Israeli music history...

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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is an experimental free-flow improvisation collective which centers around one goal: the non-stop creative search for excitingly new, beautiful music. Anything can happen as virtually all musical genres are eagerly explored and originally woven together in ways no one could have ever foreseen. In fact, Musical Chairs is about Amazement itself: the musicians and singers continuously surprise themselves, for they too can never predict what they will find or create.

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