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Hal Flavin

Hal Flavin, a three-bodied creature and imaginary friend, was formed in Luxembourg by two revenants from Europe's largest capitals and a ferocious indigen... The electropop they create on stage using machines, guitars, synths, voice and bass is influenced by both Wave and Funk. All at once visceral and binary, distant, danceable and stylized, their ambiguous sound is intended to soothe the alienated.

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MUTEMATH is an band which formed in New Orleans, LA, United States in 2003. They consist of Paul Meany (vocals, keytar, keyboards, samples), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, percussion), Darren King (drums, samples), and Todd Gummerman (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). Since MUTEMATH released its first EP in late 2004 and hit the road in 2005, their inherent nature has challenged limitations and expanded parameters.

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The Presets

The Presets are Julian Hamilton (keyboard and vocals) and Kim Moyes (drums and keyboard). They are an two piece from Sydney, Australia who met when they were both members of Prop. Hamilton and Moyes broke off from Prop in 2003, when they remixed a track, "Magnetic Highway", with "harder electronic edges" under the name The Presets. The Presets have been one of the biggest bands for the past few years in Australia, touring with and supporting many well known bands such as Daft Punk, 2 Many DJ's and Ladytron.

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Big Black Delta

Big Black Delta is Jonathan Bates' (Mellowdrone) "new musical endeavor" which aims to release new free music every few weeks. The bands first release "BBDEP1" was released for free download on August 16, 2010. The followup lp, "BBDLP1", was released on September 26th, 2011, available for free download for the first week and also offering a variety of special merch packages.

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