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Dan Guidance

Dan Guidance AKA Dan Guy is a Bristol based producer. Dan takes his influences from a wide ranges of styles, such as Drum n Bass, Breaks, Techno, Trance and Dub. Dan has been mostly concentrating on Drum n Bass recently, drawing influences from the warm up / wind down atmospheric Drum n Bass sets at free hill parties in the heart of Wales, in the late 90s…Think Dom and Roland, Aquasky, Calyx and EZ Rollers... mIxed with new influences from the likes of new comers Phaela, Ghosts Of Paraguay & Feint.

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There are (6) artists with the artist name OCEANS: (1)Oceans were a post-rock, primarily instrumental band from Urbana and Chicago, Illinois formed in the fall of 2005 at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Oceans is Ryan Martin, Nick Wakim, Keith Marek, Mike Parkinson, and Luis Belorin. Oceans released a full length album, Nothing Collapses, in early 2009 on Copper Lung Records. Members have gone on to play in Cstvt and Victor! Fix The Sun --- (2)Oceans are an Hardcore/Progressive band based in Burlington, Ontario.

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There are 3 artists with this name. 1. Mikal (Mikael Willett) - Drum & bass Producer from London, UK 2. Mikal - Solo artist from the United States of America. 3. Mikal - Pop/Dance/RnB Solo artist from London, UK (not Mikael Willett) Mikal (US) CAUTION! Pretentious BIO written in third person, by an even more pretentious and overpaid marketing robot: Originally from Detroit, transplanted to the Hollywood music scene as a teenager, then Boston, and now back in Michigan, Mikal is an uncommon...

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There are multiple artists called Terminus: 1) Early project of Pamela Passmore and Ure Thrall, both of whom were later involved in Asianova along with Jim Wilson and Bonnie McNairn from Voice of Eye. 2) Terminus were an anarcho-punk band from Scunthorpe, UK, who gigged and recorded in the 1980's and 1990's. They recorded several singles and two albums on the Words Of Warning and Campary labels. A compilation album, "Graveyard of Dreams" was released on the Boss Tuneage label.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1: Peter Bailey is 19 year old Dubstep producer and DJ from north west London/ Bristol. Dynamik switches between styles of dubstep, garage and 2-step, sticking to traditional styles while always incorporating imaginative drum patterns and originality.
Dynamik's Debut EP, 'The Big Smoke' has been released and its absolutely free!!! You can download a copy at:

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Kabuki is the name of more than one artist: 1) A veteran DJ of Germany's drum & bass scene and high-profile producer. Brought up as a classical guitarist, studying composition and abandoning everything for the thrill of electronic music. Co-founder of the label Precision Breakbeat Research in Frankfurt. Except for music ranging from Steve Reich to John Barry, Kabuki's heart belongs to the Asian cinema and martial arts. No wonder he chose Japan's flamboyant Kabuki theatre style as DJ alias.

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There are two entries for Fabio
1. Fabio was once a model for romance novels. He did "I cant believe its not butter" commercials. He got hit in the face by a goose. Most importantly he recorded "Fabio After Dark" which gives the average man or woman an understanding of Fabio's romantic powers.
2. Fabio is a drum and bass DJ from the UK. He presents a show on Radio 1 in conjunction with Grooverider, and runs the Creative Source record label. Fabio is also credited with popularising the sub-genre known as Liquid funk as well as coining the name.

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