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In late 2004, Tobias Weinreich (Bass), Sebastian Scherrer (Keyboards), Marco Schomas (Vocals) and Simon Schillinger (Guitar) founded Finsterforst. They were still seeking more members however, so instead concentrated purely on songwriting. As a result, they created many songs without being able to perform them until later on. In spring 2005 the band decided to introduce an accordion player (Johannes Joseph) into the mix, a choice which has helped to shape their unique sound.

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Dj Talent

DJ Talent (real name Anthony Ghosh) (born 1978) is a part time DJ most widely known for his appearance as a semi-finalist on third series of the ITV1 television show Britain's Got Talent. Talent is noted for the excessive amount of bling that he wears, which includes several gold chains and rings (one infused with a blue stone), and a full set of gold teeth costing

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Kill the Client

The idea to create a southern grind band that would up the ante in American grindcore came about in July 2002, exactly one day after the demise of founding members Chris Andrews and James Delgado's sludge band EOTS. Violent, blistering grind seemed like the only interesting option after wandering the destructive quagmire of slow-as-mud riffs and pummeling sound levels for a few years, learning their instruments and gaining stage experience.

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There are two artists using this name: a Swedish band and a German / band. 1. Hel is a band from Sweden which in the beginning was tied to Ultima Thule's record label, and later they produced their music through their own label, Peanut Music AB. The group, which consists of Malin Pettersson (vocal), Ulrica Pettersson (vocal), Esa Rosenstr

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Poland's Darkstorm formed in 1993 in Warsaw,releasing the demos 'Into the Dead' the same year,followed by 'The Forest of Magic Rain' in 1994 and 'The Past Forgotten' in 1995.
In 1996 the first full-length was released entitled 'The Black Stone' (reissued in '08 with bonus demo material),a classic of the pagan black metal scene emerged from eastern Europe in that era.
The band changed their name to 'Ravenlord Darkstorm' as of 2000,releasing a demo and contributing to a split,but that band is no longer active.

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There are at least four bands with the name 'Pantheon' and one with a similar name, 1) Pantheon, a National Socialist black metal band formed in Arizona, America in 1993.
2) Pantheon, a metal band formed in York, England in 2005.
3) Panthéon, a dutch progressive band from the 70's.
4) Pantheon, a female-fronted metal band from Nottingham, England, formed 2007.
5) PANTHEON I, not relevant in this bio. 1) Genre(s)
National Socialist Black Metal Lyrical theme(s)

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There are (at least) Ten artists with this name: 1) Oak is a 1970s British folk band. 2) Oak is a NS folk metal band from Holland. 3) Oak is a Japanese post-rock band. 4) Oak is an Estonian band from the early 1990s that recorded as "ÖÄK", and mistagged tracks will show up on this page. 5) Oak is Turkish solo acoustic project which has two songs that can be listened to from Bant Magazine demo . 6) Oak is a Finnish doom metal band that has recorded one demo, "Brisingamen". 7) OAK is doom/death metal filth from Baltimore Maryland.

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Chipmunk is a grime MC from North London. He is regarded as one of the grime scene's best talents, having already released three mixtapes by the age of 16, as well as working with Cookie and Black The Ripper on the Motivation Music series. Chipmunk was part of Eskibeat Recordings after Wiley showed an interest in his music, but has since left that collective. Chipmunk is currently a member of the crew Circular Movements, along with Shalo Kid and Hits. He should be releasing an album sometime during 2008.

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