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There are at least 2 bands named Desiderium
1.Desiderium is a 1 man Post-Black Metal band from Cary, North Carolina. The only member is Michael Rumple. So far they have released one album called An Image of Solitude and one demo called Alpenglow. You can download all their music at desiderium.bandcamp.com 2.Desiderium is a gothic-doom metal band with female vocal. The band are not active. But they all have their own projects. More info at: http://swape.net/desiderium

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88 is War nsbm horde from Bulgaria. The first demo of 88 is a rehearsal, recorded in 20.04.2006 and released through the Bulgarian underground music label Acclaim Records on demo tape (limited to 88 hand-numbered copies). This first demo is a really extreme kind of sound. Very raw and unbalanced - real noise madness. Seven compositions with primitive and minimalistic sturctures. In may, the same year, 88 have recorded a new promo track - "Our War Is Our Future". This track was included in the Underground Black Metal compilation "We Worship.

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In late 2004, Tobias Weinreich (Bass), Sebastian Scherrer (Keyboards), Marco Schomas (Vocals) and Simon Schillinger (Guitar) founded Finsterforst. They were still seeking more members however, so instead concentrated purely on songwriting. As a result, they created many songs without being able to perform them until later on. In spring 2005 the band decided to introduce an accordion player (Johannes Joseph) into the mix, a choice which has helped to shape their unique sound.

Read more about Finsterforst on Last.fm.

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Dark Earth

There are 4 bands named Dark Earth. 1) After seemingly disappearing for 4 years, everything that DARK EARTH brought to the metal scene was all but forgotten; heavy melodic riffs, ball-tearing blast beats, blistering guitar solos & a TIGHT live show.
During the time DE were absent, the boys came to realise that the normal "house, wife & kids" road of life wasn't going to work for them, they needed something more...

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Poland's Darkstorm formed in 1993 in Warsaw,releasing the demos 'Into the Dead' the same year,followed by 'The Forest of Magic Rain' in 1994 and 'The Past Forgotten' in 1995.
In 1996 the first full-length was released entitled 'The Black Stone' (reissued in '08 with bonus demo material),a classic of the pagan black metal scene emerged from eastern Europe in that era.
The band changed their name to 'Ravenlord Darkstorm' as of 2000,releasing a demo and contributing to a split,but that band is no longer active.

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There are TEN artists named Evil. 1. NSBM band from Brazil. 2. Polish crust/death metal band ("demon punk"). 3. Danish Speed Metal band from the early 80s, featuring a strong NWOBHM influence. 4. Black Metal band from Khaznadar, Tunisia 5. Slovak black metal project of Dlog (member of Slavigrom) 6. Dubstep Dj from Wellington, New Zealand 7. Canadian rapper 8. Garage band from Florida formed in 1965, for a time sharing a rhythm section with The Montells. 9. Ukrainian d'n'b Dj

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