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There are two groups using the name Battlecry. One plays 80's-style metal with a political message. The other plays general metal with a focus on epic storytelling. Battlecry: Pro White Heavy Metal Battlecry's lyrics are about White Nationalism and the manipulation of the non-Jewish peoples by the Jewish Supremacists. David Johnn and Richard "Spartan" Stewart formed the band in 2004 because they felt like there was a serious lack of Heavy Metal representation in the Pro-White Community.

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Skyforger is a band from R?ga, Latvia. They have been tempering their music in the smithy of the Thundergod since 1995. For the last decade, the band has been fighting under the flag of Latvian ; an extreme blend of traditional music and various metal influences ranging from Norwegian inspired through to 80s-rooted . The band's unique combination of ancient and modern influence has given them a wide appeal throughout both the and scenes...

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