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There are 2 bands with the name Defiance: (1) Defiance is a thrash metal band from Oakland, California. While virtually unknown to mainstream metal and rock circles, Defiance is known as one of the classic second-tier thrash bands to come from the Bay Area thrash metal scene. They played a decidedly technical style of thrash originally evoking bands like Testament, though they would later move on to playing in their own unique, more progressive thrash style. They reformed in 2005 and have since release an album entitled The Prophecy in late 2009.

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Disclose influenced hard core noise punk from Goteborg, Sweden. Discography: Distort Trash Destroy CDR
split with Dislickers 7" 500 Black. Warsong/D-takt & råpunk rec.
split with Mardröm 12" 500 Black. Warsong/D-takt & Råpunk rec.
D-beat Noise Crust Inferno 2008 - CDr Warsong 100 handnumbered copies.
8-track ep 7" - Warsong/D-takt & Råpunk rec. 500

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